Yak 52 English Cockpit - Airspeed Knots & Metric Included

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Yak 52 English Cockpit - Airspeed Knots & Metric Included

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Quartermaster
Date - 08/22/2018 14:30:48
Full English translation of all gauges/placards including color-band markups on airspeed/tach gauges & trim for easy reference (GA style instrument look) with airspeed available in Knots or KPH

*** BE ADVISED  *** you MUST have "English Cockpit" selected in your DCS -> Options -> Special -> Yak 52 menu for this to work!

Complete English translation of the Yak's cockpit placards, labels, switches, gauges, etc - a couple items (gyro compass/radio panel) were left un-translated as they are either inop or partially inop at this state of early access for this module, and I will wait for later updates to translate those if its something you folks are after, personally I was just wanting to finish what ED started and get this thing English-ized more completely for easy reference.

- Airspeed gauge is available to read in KIAS or KPH, both included as JSGME ready folders with instructions
- A number of critical instruments have been marked up in civilian aviation style color bands for things like safe gear down, safe flaps, max continuous RPM, desired cruise RPM, takeoff RPM, VNE, desirable touchdown range, rough approximation of desirable takeoff trim set for most configurations. Tested good on open beta and release.

** NOTE ** Before you ask, I cannot change the "upside down colors" on the attitude ball - it is the exact same type of ADI ball as the Saber uses, its a simple, cheap "wet" ball, so the fact that the colors are "inverted" as you view the ball is intentional, and by design, I cannot do anything to alter that, you must learn to fly that instrument as-is, sorry not sorry.

I've been banned from the forums a few times now; contact me directly at herrijam@gmail.com with any questions or requests!
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  • Language: English
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