Operation Decisive Sword - Batumi may not fall

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DCS World 2.7
SA342 Gazelle

Operation Decisive Sword - Batumi may not fall

Uploaded by - Don Rudi
Date - 07/24/2018 15:30:21
My 6th mission for the Gazelle continues the storyline of my Operation: "Muzzlebrake" and Operation: "Golden Retriever". It is embedded in a fictional Turkish-Georgian conflict and requires you to slow down the Turkish advance on Batumi airport, untill Georgian reinforcements become available.
The mission is a pretty straight forward tank hunting mission and your co-pilot/mission commander will have some helpful advice to help you succeed. You can switch him off though and/or fly the mission your way - but as in all my missions, I warned you...

Mission contains about a dozen custom R/T voice files, briefing maps and dynamic elements.

Good knowledge of the Vivianne system is mandatory, as well as the knowledge how to start up the Gazelle from cold and dark. Low flying skills certainly will raise your chances of survival.

Background: Some 100 years ago during the time of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, the country stretched into the territory of today's Turkey. A dispute over the borderline has arisen between Georgia and Turkey. The political conflict started to turn hot, when Goergia downed a Turkish Air Force reconaissance plane in the border area.
In retaliation, Turkish troops entered Georgian territory and advance on Batumi airport in preparation of an invasion of the autonomous Republic of Adjara, of which Batumi is the capitol.

The mission: The Georgian Air Force  just received a stock of surplus ex-ALAT Gazelles and you are tasked to attack the enemy tanks advancing on Batumi. There will be a total of eight M60 MBTs and up to eight M113 APCs, so you will need to rearm at the FARP north of Batumi. Delay the advance long enough till Georgian ground reinforcements arrive and assist them with the remaining tanks. Should a Turkish tank reach Batumi's apron, the mission is lost.

Air defences comprise the HAWK battery known from my Operation "Muzzlebrake", a naval vessel off the coast and potentially Avenger AA systems. Good low flying skills, as well as a good choice of cover will enhance your chances of survival drastically.

Mission contains custom voice overs and briefing screens and various dynamic and surprise elements. Your copilot/mission commander has some valuable hints for you. Of course you can deviate from his advice - be sure I prepared some sometimes more, sometimes less naughty surprises should you choose to ignore him. Incase you want to play this mission in shared cockpit mode, you can disable the co-pilot via the F10 comms menu.

Good luck!
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