Kingdom of Erusea Air Forces Skin Pack Version 2.5 **Updated

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DCS: World 2.5
Kingdom of Erusea Air Forces Skin Pack Version 2.5 **Updated

Kingdom of Erusea Air Forces Skin Pack Version 2.5 **Updated

Type - Skin
Author - CaptainEstyis
Date - 08.01.2019 05:06
Is your AC7 inspired coop mission or campaign feeling UN-IMMERSIVE with scores of Russian marked aircraft attacking you and your Osean/ISAF allies? Maybe not, but this skin pack is will allow you to reach AC7 immersion levels never thought possible. This pack contains fictional AC7 Erusea skins for Redfor flyable and non-flyable aircraft, including most of the redfor flaming cliffs aircraft.

Upon creation of handful of AC style missions, I found them lacking without proper Erusean markings. What started as a small project to create one or two liveries eventually expanded into almost any Redfor skin template I could find. After creating 10 different skins I wanted to share them so others may also enjoy immersive AC7 missions. To get the full AC7 immersion also check out my Osean Defense Forces skin pack.

Includes skins for:
A-50 AWAC (updated 2.5)
A-50U AWAC Scheme (added 2.5)
IL-76MD transport (updated 2.5)
IL-78M tanker (updated 2.5)
Tu-22M3 "Pointy Nosed Bastards of Farbanti"
Su-27 (Based off of the Su-30MS skin in the AC7 trailer)
Su-27 Standard (With blue underside as seen in the reveal trailer)
Su-33 Erusea AF livery (Su-30MS)
Su-33 Standard (With blue underside)
Su-33 Erusea Naval AF

**Version 3 Changes:
Changed all skins to allow any country to use, not just Russia as previously.
Added Tu-22M3 Skin "Pointy Nosed Bastards of Farbanti", with both a numerated unique skin and a standard skin. (Created mostly for the lols)
Added Su-27 standard skin
Added Su-33 standard skin

**Version 2.5 Changes:
Added basic AV8B Erusea AF (Currently lacks a squadron emblem, number and name. If you have any suggestions that would be awesome!)<br />
Added A-50U scheme
Updated A-50 standard scheme
Updated IL-76 with revised scheme and unique tail number
Updated IL-78m with revised scheme and unique tail number

I hope to add other aircraft as requested. Thank you for downloading and enjoy.
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