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DCS: World 2.5
Osean Defense Forces Skin Pack (AC7)

Osean Defense Forces Skin Pack (AC7)

Type - Skin
Author - CaptainEstyis
Date - 18.07.2018 09:03
Ever wanted to bring ace combat into DCS for a coop mission or campaign, but with all your allied aircraft carrying US markings it just wasn't IMMERSIVE enough? No...? Well this skin pack adds various Osean Defense Force liveries to various AI aircraft as well as the Hornet. This skin pack is guaranteed to bring your AC7 IMMERSION levels over 9000 no matter what mission you place them in (at least that's what my immersion experts tell me anyway).

While there are many ace combat related liveries for flyable aircraft, there are close to none that add liveries to the AI aircraft that I needed whilst creating my own AC7 inspired campaign for my squadron. The goal of this skin pack is to remedy that problem and replace many of the AI supporting aircraft with Osean Defense Force liveries. While the quality for the 3D models of the aircraft are not equal, my wingman and I did our best to create detailed liveries for each aircraft. Included in this pack are:

-F/A-18C Block 20 OMDF livery
-KC-135 OADF Livery by Haxe
-C-17A liveries by Haxe (Including a standard OADF and a IUN marked version)
-F-15E (By far the most detailed skin in this pack)
-F-16C Block 52 with 3 liveries, ISAF Ghost, a standard OADF, and the fictional 423rd Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Azure Dragons' based out of McNealy AFB.
-IL-78M ISAF livery

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All aircraft skins can be found in the US versions of the aircraft in the editor, with the exception of the IL-78M which can be found in Ukraine.

An FYI: Aircraft such as the C-130 and the UH-1 already have amazing Osean skins created by other users and since I use them myself I did not create my own versions to include in this pack. Other aircraft such as the KC-130 and the KC-135BDA currently do not seem to use the standard livery system, so I have to wait for Razbam to update them. I hope to add aircraft such as the B-1B lancer and UH-60 sometime in the near future. If you have any requests I will consider that as well.

If you use this pack for an AC7 campaign or in a music video/ various other media, I'd love to see, so please share. Thanks for downloading and enjoy.
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