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Invasion Iran 1.2

Invasion Iran 1.2

Author - chrisofsweden
Date - 10.07.2018 02:14
US / NATO mounts a full scale invasion of Iran

Two months ago a successful US covert intel operation has revealed and delivered proof to the US administration that Iran have been producing nuclear weapons for quite some time.

Since then, the US and NATO with support of most of the western countries has publicly condemned the operation and demanded Iran to cease and desist immediately and allow UN personnel access to the locations and oversee the dismantling and/or destruction of the production sites and already produced weapons.

Iran has not responded to any of the US/NATO demands but instead been making aggressive threats of retalliation for the unapproved US military operations in the country.

US/NATO has been conducting intel/recon flights close to the Iranian border for the past 3 days, and is now prepared for a full scale invasion of Iran with a first goal to gain a foothold of southern Iran.


Mission goals: (In any order)

Seize Qeshm Island Airbase
Seize Havadarya Airbase
Seize Lar Airbase

There are several low to medium range SAM systems (SA-6) on and in the vicinity of the target airbases.

There are several EWR's in the general theatre area which looks to be defended by SA-6 systems. Destruction of EWR's should be a priority to lower the enemy ability to detect and intercept our flights.

Intel suggests there are an SA-11 Buk system close to Lar Airbase.

AWACS DARKSTAR is enroute and will be on station orbit at BULLS 207 for 80, watching the airspace.

TANKERS 'Texaco' (KC-135), 'Shell' (KC-130) and 'Arco' (S-3B) is enroute and will be on station orbit at BULLS 208 for 70.
Arco should only be used for refuelling in case of emergencies.

Called in through F10 menu options under Mission Command.
AI CAP flights will have callsign Springfield.
AI CAS flights will have callsign Colt.
AI SEAD flights will have callsign Uzi.

Map Marker AI targets:
Create a map marker, type SEAD or CAP in the textbox.
Use mission command menu to launch a flight and choose Map Marker option.

CVN-74 John C. Stennis is currently located about mile outside Umm Al Quwain in UAE waters, grid CP53. The Stennis is on a 15kt BRC310 cruise, and plans to get to grid BQ43, which is roughly 70nm 180 from Lar Airbase.

All flights have preconfigured flightplan:
WPT1: Qeshm Island AB
WPT2: Havadarya AB
WPT3: Lar AB
(Some flights have WPT4 which is homebase)

Radio/TACAN Frequencies:
Mission: 254Mhz AM
AWACS: 243Mhz AM
Shell: 251Mhz AM, TCN 45X
Texaco: 251Mhz AM, TCN 46X
Arco: 251Mhz AM, TCN 13X
John C. Stennis: 127.5Mhz AM, TCN 12X
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