USAAF Black Sea ~ "The Hiryu Incident"

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USAAF Black Sea ~ "The Hiryu Incident"

USAAF Black Sea ~ "The Hiryu Incident"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 04.07.2018 09:30
American plans to use air bases in the USSR began as United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) staff studies soon after the German invasion on 22 June 1941. After the Japanese attack on the United States on 7 December, the concept was expanded to hit the Japanese Home Islands from Siberia. However, Soviet air cooperation was negligible through 1942, and it was not until the Foreign Ministers' conference (Moscow Conference) in Moscow in October 1943 that the American delegation raised the issue formally with Foreign Commissar Vyacheslav Molotov.

The position papers given to Stalin emphasized both reconnaissance and bombardment operations, and Stalin agreed to proceed with the plan "in principle." American heavy bombers stationed in Britain and Italy would fly strike missions deep into the heart of Nazi territory or occupied Eastern Europe.

The German advance in the 'Crimean Campaign' has grind to a halt.  Suffering massive losses at both Stalingrad and on the Northern Russian Front---it appears the Germans are preparing to withdraw.  This has given the allies a chance to hit them with both ends of the stick.  The "Shuttle Bombing" strategy has been approved and both British and American bombers are more than ready to do their part.

A steady supply of men and material is making its way up the coast of Soviet Caucus, keeping our stores full to capacity.  Allied escort crews although not great in number are now available to help keep the supply line moving.  It's not a glamorous job...but somebody's got to do it.

"Good morning Captain, looks like you are pulling some escort duty this morning.  General Bradley has been in theatre helping to organize the 'Shuttle Squadrons' that will keep the Germans on the defensive for the remainder of the war.

He is heading back to Batumi where his next escort package is waiting to lift him back to the Med.  Our alliance with the Soviets is proving to be a Godsend---and a menace for the Axis powers...which brings us to our next issue.

Classified intel suggests that a Japanese Carrier has eluded our scouts and might have managed to slip out of Asiatic waters.  Her location is unknown.  Her constitution is unknown.

Our theory is that she has come into the Black Sea, and might have German U or E boat escorts in an attempt to bolster the German defenses at Sevastopol."



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