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Bandar Abbas War 0.6 miz #1

Uploaded by - rivers33ker
Date - 07/03/2018 17:37:23
It's War.
Iran 2 days ago has crossed the strait of Hormuz approaching Oman coasts from the north.
Troops have landed to Khasab and after a brief battle the city, port and airfield were conquered.

The northern part of Oman territory is now heavily guarded by Iranian Navy and Cavarly.
Numerous armored platoons were disembarked during the night; these units are now moving south to secure Sall Ala Rd and the valley.
North Oman forces are bottled in the eastern part of the penisula, around Sall Ala, trying to hold the frontline.
Heavy fire is reported accross the area, with many casualties during the retreat.

US Troops have renamed the combat field as "Meatvalley", the tarrain is under artillery fire from both sides.
Saudi Arabia is moving its army and US is joining the conflict providing support to allies.
The US Stennis is in the Oman gulf, other american squadrons are dislocating in the United Arab Emirates airfields.
Since no official UN resolution is on the table, for the moment only French and UK have joined the blue coalition.
French M2KC are providing caps and UK Harrier have just arrived in the area.

Blue forces are still examinating the situation, trying to find the ideal battleplan.
Since Oman forces in Sall Ala are in a critical situation, the blue coalition decided to rush a combined operation in the valley.
The objective is to destroy enemy artillery, attack red ships in Khasab port and suppress SAM stations in the area before they reach a more advantageous position.

Ford1: strike red ships in Khasab port.
Dodge1: Neutralize SAM around Khasab
Colt1 (you): strike Artillery group in the West part of Sall Ala road, aka Meatvalley.

Overlord AWAKS on 251 AM GUARD
Arco Tanker on Tacan 1X 252AM
Guard CAP on 251AM
Stennis Tacan 70X

Flight group on 225AM Listen carefully to package updates.
Radio 2 is by default on channel 1 225AM (Flight package)
Raido 1 is by default on channel 1 251AM (Overlord and allied CAPS)
Be sure to push waypoint 4 when Dodge1 is engaging SAM group. You are expected to be on target around 18:40:20

## Some notes:

All the shit in here its  just FICTIONAL stuff, nothing of this is real: use your imagination and have fun.

This is my first "released" miz, so please be gentle. One day i will get better  (I hope at least :P)

This mission is not too heavily scripted but be sure to reach the wp 3 and MARSHALL there till it's the right moment to ingress.
Our Normandy Ticaragua class is giving support to the operation launching cruise missile against forces in Khansab.

Khasab is heavely defended and the valley is even more dangerous.
Frontline is espected to be around the village of Ghubn Hamad.

Divert airfield is at Fujairah Intl. (it's not a shame to land there, it's just your choice since case 1 with no light could be pain).
Be sure to contact Stennis and ask for a landing. There should be some traffic and lights always help...

Miz version 0.6
This mission is using MOOSE for CAP and CGI orchestration.
This version of this mission is without RAT, to check performances.
There are some issues with the wingman.
There are some minor ussues on the radio.
TODO: fix the broken stuff >_>

repo on github over here:
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