Der Koniggratzer Marsch; Menu Music Replacer for for Bf-109 K-4

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Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst

Der Koniggratzer Marsch; Menu Music Replacer for for Bf-109 K-4

Type - Sound
Uploaded by - WiredrawnMurder
Date - 06/29/2018 21:17:30
Der Koniggratzer Marsch (aka the German victory music from Call of Duty: World at War) menu music replacement for Bf-109 K-4
*Updated 03/03/2021*

Have you ever thought that the menu music for Bf-109 was a little too intense?

Have you ever thought "buddy's" speech interwoven into the song a little much?

Do you long for an era-appropriate song that's both historically accurate and easy on the ears?

Then this mod is for you! Replacing the over-the-top music is Der Koniggratzer Marsch from Call of Duty: World at War with the sounds of a Bf-109 flying by! And yes, I know it's a DB-601 instead of a DB-605 like the K-4, but good luck trying to find a clean high definition audio file of a Bf-109 with a DB-605 without any background noise.


JSGME compatible. Should you wish to install manually simply place the 'Mods' folder directly into your DCS directory (C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World or C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha/Beta by default) and overwrite when necessary. Remember to make a backup in case you want to keep the original music!

***Please note; as always, I do not claim ownership of the music within, just the work done to make it ready for DCS.***

Update 1.1: Overlapped the audio a little more, felt it was too spaced and didn't give that "authentic" DCS module feel. Also changed the MainMenuLoop so it doesn't sound like you just started the game every time it loops.

Update 1.2: Renamed the 'Mod', 'Bf-109-K4', and 'EditorMenu' folders to 'Mods', 'Bf-109K-4', and 'EditorMusic' respectively so the mod will work properly, I apologize for not realizing I mislabeled the folders by mistake.

Update 1.2.1: Updated the install instructions to be more specific for players new to modding DCS.

Update 1.2.2: Added a preview video to the description.

Update 1.3: Finally got around to updating to the new file structure.
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