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F/A-18C Fuel Calculator Table

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Uploaded by - Seahawk
Date - 06/13/2018 07:49:27
F/A-18C Fuel Calculator Table by Hipshot (CSG-1)

I managed to create a simple fuel calculating tool/table for excel to calculate fuel for carrier training ops. I know that there are a lot of variables playing into account when it comes down to doing this but I used it a couple of times already and it seems to work out quite well.

This is based on the following configuration/variables

- Centerline Tank (330gal)
- 2x AIM-9L/M on Wingtips

Cruise Speed:
- 250 KCAS

The following variables can be changed:

- Flight-Time
- Trap Attempts (How many Traps you are going to practice out there)
- Distance to Alternate
- Bingo Fuel (This wont affect your total fuel load, just something you can take into consideration when planning a flight)

The other variables that can not be changed provide information such as the maximum distance you can travel or how much fuel you need to get to the alternate.

This was provided by Hipshot (Member of the CSG-1), if you'd like to know more about is click on the logo in the fuel calculator and it'll direct you to our Website).

Those calculations are based on informations out of manuals and other sources and may vary a little bit.

*Updated* Now also shows the total weight.
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