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Profile T.16000M FCS Hotas F/A-18C

Uploaded by - illmind
Date - 06/06/2018 22:44:21
So here's my F/A-18C profile. It uses rudders and trackIR so those functions aren't bound on the joystick but can easily be added.

The scroll wheel for radar elevation works by having a dead zone set, leave the wheel relatively centered to stop it moving and 100% up or down to move radar elevation up or down. It's also bound on modifier spots of speedbrake button but not shown on the diagram.

Edit: I included a screenshot of my axis tune panel for the radar elevation control. (Deadzone:  20 Sat X: 100 Sat Y: 30 Curvature: 20)

The dispenser bypass switch has to be held down to put it in bypass mode, so for example to use flares you have to hold the hat left while flicking it forward to flare.

Updated to work with the new beta, also added throttle lift binds but are not on picture.
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