F/A-18C Operation Eclipse (v2 update)

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Operation Eclipse (v2 update)

F/A-18C Operation Eclipse (v2 update)

Author - superhavoc
Date - 18.06.2018 01:38
A simple fictional mission set in 1997 in the Gulf of Oman and Iran involving an airspace incursion to bomb a nuclear production facility with carrier operations and air to air combat.        

Features selectable difficulty, a wingman that calls out missile shots, and full voice over/sfx.  

Multiplayer version: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3300885/

Persian Gulf Map required.
-Corrected several bugs, including wingman not calling out missile shots and several other mission breaking errors.

-Updated voices for the wingman and FOCUS.

-Changed SA-9 to SA-18 on "hard" difficulty.
-Released v2 of the mission (see full change log in the description)

One of the first 'proper' single missions for the Hornet.  I highly recommend the "hard" difficulty setting to get the most out of this mission.  

This mission now features more depth and changes based on great feedback I received.  I WILL be making this mission the start of a full campaign once more weapons and features are released for the Hornet.  

Unfortunately I have to start moving away fr om using BF3 voice clips because they would severely limit me on how much I could grow this mission and future plans for the campaign (not to mention potential copyright issues from DICE/EA), so for now I'm using "high-quality placeholders" that will not break the immersion of the mission until I can find a proper voice actor.  

As always, I'd appreciate any feedback of what you liked/disliked about this mission so that I can continue to develop and refine even further.

{Major changes}

-Added "Easy" "Medium" and "Hard" difficulty options to the F10 radio menu at the beginning of the mission that will affect the type of units you have to deal with during the mission.

-Replaced BF3 voice clips with original, non immersion breaking "placeholder" voice clips for the wingman.

-Complete wingman overhaul, he will now call out missile launches and threats to himself and the player.
{Minor changes}

-Various changes/corrections to the mission briefing.

-Carrier TACAN channel is now 55X and included in the mission briefing.

-Adjusted placement and start points of various units and trigger zones.

-Adjusted timing of several triggers to avoid sound/message errors

AWACS 'Focus' voice effects inspired by Overlord from the "An Eye For an Eye" campaign: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=140628
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