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DCS: World 2.7

Prison Break

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Date - 05/18/2018 23:31:16
- Version 2.0 -
A mission requiring coordinated effort among players in order to be successful.
This mission requires at least 2 players to complete.  One player has to have 1 of 2 modules.  1) Combined Arms module, and occupy the “Tactical Commander” slot, then select a ground vehicle. 2) UH-1, Mi-8, or Mi-24 which can be occupied after Jean Airport has been taken back.  The other player can select whichever aircraft platform they desire.

This mission should be played in an order of specified objectives laid out in the briefing.

Good luck and have fun!

Larger Briefing Images can be found here:    <a class="txttohtmllink" href="<a class="txttohtmllink" href=""></a>"><a class="txttohtmllink" href="">

-- Briefing --

Gentlemen, as we’re all aware now, a dire situation unfolded in the city of Las Vegas a few days ago.  The enemy conducted a surprise attack and poured into the city fr om the west, taking control of the entire area.  During the ambush, we lost a number of our peace keeping forces there, and the rest were forced to retreat from the city as we were severely understaffed and outnumbered.  However, we’ve just learned that the only captured soldier of ours, a Lieutenant Dan, is now slated for execution later tonight.  We’ve pinpointed his location in a prison just west of the Bellagio casino, and have devised a plan to extract him.  Thankfully, we have had a little break in all this bad luck.  There are two possible routes to take for an extraction.  1)  A couple of our men were able to hide out, with their vehicles, near the Circus Circus Casino and have completely avoided detection.  We’ve made contact with them and they are more than willing to help us out with our plan.   2)  At the Jean airport, the pilots to the UH-1, Mi-8, and Mi-24’s were off base at the time the airport was taken.  They are in a few M818 Transport trucks hiding in a warehouse in the city.  Once they hear that the threats at the airport have been neutralized, they'll head back and recrew their helo's.

Now, let’s discuss the plan.

Ground Units:
Our men in the ground vehicles will need to be careful, the enemy is scattered throughout the city.  Our recon notes show that the safest path is actually straight down the Vegas Strip Boulevard.  There is one caveat though, there’s a dedicated enemy “Strip Lookout” group stationed just south of the Circus Circus Casino, on the Boulevard.  They will need to be dealt with before anything else.   Make sure you destroy their Comm vehicle first, as that is what they would use to relay any attack in the vicinity.  Next, they will continue down the Boulevard until they see the wreckage site between the Mirage and the Bellagio hotel.  At that same intersection, they’ll head west towards the Prison, which is located just on the other side of the freeway and west frontage road.  It may be wisest to stay at a distance from the prison, remain hidden, and lase the enemy vehicles for our air units to hit.   Once the prison area is secure, they’ll drive to the prison and make contact with Lieutenant Dan, plant C4 at the walls, and extract him.  Afterwards, they’ll coordinate with an orbiting C-130 and arrange a pickup at McCarran International Airport.  They’ll then head back to the strip and proceed southbound along the Boulevard.  To the east of the Mandalay Bay hotel, they’ll break through the airports perimeter fence, and make their way to the east side of the airport wh ere they will meet up with the C-130.
All the while though, they’ll have to be on the lookout.  The enemy is sure to know about this rescue operation after the prison is attacked.

Air Units:
You’ve got 2 jobs to do today.  One: secure air superiority over the city; this will be helped by an orbiting AWACs.  And two:  provide cover/recon for the ground or helo rescue units as they extract the prisoner and then head to McCarran for an awaiting transport aircraft, or to our Solar Base if it was a helo rescue.  The enemy has had a few days to set up now, so expect some sort of AAA/SAM resistance.
The departure airbases are unfortunately quite a distance away, so rearming could take a considerable amount of time away from providing the much needed close air support for our ground boys.  Luckily, we have a few units that fled the Jean airport before it was overrun, and they’re positioned to get it up and running again once all the enemy units there are neutralized.  After that, you’ll be able to rearm and refuel and use the Jean airport as a forward operating base.  The helo's stationed there will also be re-crewed at this time.

Helo Units:  The route into Vegas is heavily defended from all sides.  Be on a constant lookout for enemy units as you head towards the prison.  Once you extract the LT. the flight to the Solar Panel won't be any easier.  The interstate leading towards the city of Boulder is also expected to be well defended.

-    End of Briefing -

Upd ate Log:

v2.0:  Added 2 F1-CE’s

v1.9:  All Blue flights coalition changed to Blue Task Force
          Added 2 AH-64’s
          Radio’s se t for Spawn airport and Ch.2 set to AWACs

v1.8:  Added 2 Mi-24’s

v1.7:  Upd ated atmospheric conditions for new cloud system

v1.6:  Replaced one A-10A with an A-10C II

v1.5:  Removed AAR probes from JF-17

v1.4:  Added 3 F-16’s.
          Added 2 JF-17’s.

v1.3:  F-14’s now have INS reference alignment stored.
          Added 3 F-16 placeholders (Laughlin).
          Added 2 JF-17 placeholders (Mesquite).
          4th F-18 Removed.
          Moved Viggen landing waypoint to Mesquite (since they depart from there).
          Adjusted Mission briefing picture to list new aircraft spawn locations.
          Adjusted altitude triggers for SAM detection outer ring.

v1.2:  Added 3 F-14 aircraft (Lincoln Airport).
          F-15, MiG-29, and Su-27, moved to Lincoln Airport.
          Briefing page for Lincoln Airport added.
          AJS-37’s moved to Mesquite Airport.
          Su-27 now spawns with full fuel tanks.
          Fixed issue with client F-18’s being se t to “Hidden” and “Uncontrolled”.
          4th F-18 Added.
          Added reminders on how to sequence the rescue.
          Added reminders for player controlled units on how to load.
          Fixed issue with endgame unit at McCarran Airport.
          AWACS now late activation airstart. Runway start would put it in a parking spot.

v1.1:  Added 3 F-18 aircraft (at Laughlin)
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