IAF/USAF ~ Operation: "Red Stag"

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IAF/USAF ~ Operation: "Red Stag"

IAF/USAF ~ Operation: "Red Stag"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 08.05.2018 09:53
Nellis AFB ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

The Nellis AFB mission of advanced combat training for composite strike forces is commonly conducted in conjunction with air and grounds units of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and allied forces. The base also supports operations at the nearby Creech Air Force Base, the Tonopah Test Range and the Nevada National Security Site.

In honor of Jewish American Heritage History Month:

Israeli partners from the 133 SQUADRON (Knights of the Twin Tail - טייסת אבירי הזנב הכפול) have arrived at Nellis airbase and are tasked to take part in an International Joint Forces exercise.  OPERATION: RED STAG.


Time: 1430

Weather: Clear

UZI FLIGHT: 2 F-15C / 2 F-15E

The Israeli Defense Force is considered to be one of the highest trained armies in the world and the IAF branch is legendary in its readiness and combat effectiveness.

133 Sq has arrived at Nellis for some advanced combat training and the outfitting of the AIM54 on the F-15C.  A deadly long range missile that had its day in the 1990's, the IAF is looking for any edge it can find to keep up with the constant dangers of life in the Mideast.

"Welcome 133 Squadron, to Nellis Air Base.  We are sure you are ready to start your training so lets get right to it.  Your mission today will be a short escort run, followed by a 3 part air interdiction exercise.

UZI 1-1, contact tower for start-up and taxi instructions. Have a great run gentlemen.  Mazel tov!"


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