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DCS World 2.7

Generation Gap

Uploaded by - Apache600
Date - 04/03/2018 20:09:39
- Version 2.0 -
A fantasy mission where the Allies have developed numerous secret advanced aircraft, decades ahead of their time, and are forced to employ them during daylight operations in France.

Requires:  Normandy Map, WWII Assets, and
   (one of the following): AH-64, AJS-37, AV-8B, F1-CE, F-5, F-14, F-16, F/A-18, JF-17, Mosquito, MiG-21, M-2000's, P-47, P-51, Mi-8, Mi-24, Spitfire, UH-1, Ka-50, or SA-342.

It's July of 1944, and for the past year your squadron has been part of the most secret military project in history.  Second maybe only to the Manhattan project.  The Nazi's may think they're leaps and bounds ahead with the testing of their "new" jet propulsion technology ... but they're actually decades behind us and our research.  Our jets and helicopters have been flying for months already, and the weapon systems they employ would probably be considered black magic to those who have never seen them before.

All of our flight testing so far has been relegated to night only operations.  However that is all about to change.   Today, we're green lighting daylight activity over France.  The allies have been suffering unacceptable losses, and we need to help turn the tide.   It is still paramount that you mask yourselves as much as possible.  We do not want to give away any of our secrets, and certainly don't want to uncover the location of our bases.

Rain hell down on the enemy, but do so while stepping quietly!

List of flyable aircraft:
AJS-37, AV-8B, F-5, F-14B, F-16C, F/A-18C, JF-17,  Mosquito, MiG-21, M-2000, P-51, Spitfire

List of flyable helicopters:
Mi-8, Mi-24, UH-1, AH-64, Ka-50, SA-342L,M

Update Log:

v2.0:  Added 3 F1-CE’s
          Added 3 P47-40’s
          Added 3 P47-30’s
         Added Link 4 and ACLS to Forrestal
         Changed Tarawa to HMS Invincible

v1.9:  All Blue flights coalition changed to Blue Task Force
          Added 2 AH-64’s
          All F-14A’s now have INS prealigned
          Changed Blue Aircraft Carrier to Forrestal

v1.8:  Added 3 Spitfire Straight
          Added 3 Spitfire Clipped
          Added 3 Mosquitos

v1.7:  2 Mi-8’s and 1 UH-1 have been switched to Mi-24’s

v1.6 :  Updated atmospheric conditions for new cloud system

v1.5:  Changed Stennis to Lincoln
          Removed extra CVN
          Moved F-14’s to Lincoln
          Reduced escort fleet size
          Previously deactivated Flak Farms reinstated (thought them to lag out previous versions)
          Previously deactivated enemy fighter cover has been reactivated.  Many more potential German aerial threats.

v1.4:  Added 4 F-16’s.
          Added 4 JF-17’s.

v1.3:  F-14’s now have INS reference alignment stored.
          Added 4 F-16 placeholders.
          Added 4 JF-17 placeholders.
          Added 1 SA-342Minigun.
          Fixed Bomber proximity call out triggers.
          Fixed Carrier Fleet Turn call out triggers.

v1.2:  Added 4 F-14B aircraft.
          Added another Stennis aircraft carrier (placeholder for the Forrestal) for the F-14’s.
          Added TACAN and ICLS to aircraft carriers.

v1.1:   Added 4 F-18 aircraft.
          Replaced Vinson aircraft carrier with Stennis.
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