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Normandy Duel

Uploaded by - Apache600
Date - 03/30/2018 19:17:37
- Version 1.6 -
The concept of this mission is relatively simple ... defeat the opposing force by bringing their score to zero. Of course this must be done before your score reaches that same point.
(Even if all the players in the server join one team, that team could still easily lose the battle by getting shot down too often by the AAA.)

Each team starts with 15 points.

Here's the breakdown of point deductions:

1pt - Whenever a player controlled aircraft is lost.*
1pt - Train (all of its cars) at Railyard is destroyed.
2pts - Supply Fort is destroyed.
3pts - Aux. Airport aircraft are destroyed.
3pts - Tank Group is destroyed. (2 pts for the first two-thirds of the group destroyed, an additional 1 pt for the remaining.)
3pts - Resupply Fleet is sunk. (2 pts for the first two-thirds of the fleet sunk, an additional 1 pt for the remaining.)

* notes
1: The player aircraft must have moved faster than 3 km/h before it is registered as being alive.
2: If a player aircraft lands anywhere within 25 km's of their Main Base, the condition for having a point deducted is turned off. This has a few pro's and con's.
Pro: It allows you to land a perfectly good aircraft (or completely devastated one, yet still alive) at your main base, or the beach, or main street, or farmer Dan's field, ... really anywhere within 25km of your starting base, and switch to another slot without having been counted as killed. (The aircraft MUST first come to a complete stop)
Con: If the piloted aircraft comes to a complete stop at any of the places listed above, and is still alive, no matter the amount of damage received .... and is THAN either shot up, a 500kg bomb dropped on it, or maybe has flipped over and eventually burns out, it will NOT be counted as having been killed. This is because it first came to a stop, thus turning off the criteria for that specific condition.

Special Points:
Special Points can be earned different ways throughout the match, and can be spent on various abilities, which are: Carpet Bombing, Defensive Fighter Patrol, Cargo Resupply, and Jet Unlock. Each ability can only be used once. And the “Jet Unlock” ability will have a deactivation option at the beginning of the match if the players opt for not having it available.
1) Carpet Bombing Raid - When called in, 2 groups of 4 bombers appear fr om beyond the main base, headed towards the enemy territory. They will ask you to sel ect a target for them. If you do not sel ect a target within approx. 5 minutes, they will turn and head for home. You can also command them to fly either a close or open formation.
2) Defensive Fighter Patrol - Two friendly fighters will appear fr om beyond the main base, headed towards the center of your territory. They will patrol back and forth within friendly territory searching for enemy aircraft. They will depart the area and head for home after 20 minutes of patrolling.
3) Cargo resupply - Three Cargo aircraft will appear fr om over the channel, flying towards the coast. They will make landfall between the friendly and hostile territories, and then turn to fly towards their respective main base, wh ere they will land. For every Cargo Plane that lands, you will have 1 point added towards your score.
4) Jet Unlock - Unlocks the ability to spawn into a Korean era Jet Fighter (F-86 for Allies, MiG-15 for Axis) There are a few caveats. You only get one, and if lost, it will deduct a point from your score. There is no additional Jet-A fuel available. What’s in the internal fuel tanks is all you get. For both aircraft, external fuel tanks are not available. And for the F-86, Air-Air missiles are not available.

*** You can only use a particular special ability once.  If used, the selection will not be removed from the que for future selections.  So keep in mind what special abilities you've already used!  The one exception is the bombers, you can call them again, just NOT against the same target.

How to earn Special Points:
You can earn 1 special point for each of the following:
- Destroy the Supply Fort AND train at the Railyard.
- Destroy the Aux. Airport aircraft.
- Destroy Tank Group.
- Sink Resupply Fleet.
- Make comm request at the Chippille airport. To do this, you must land at the airport, and initiate the open line request to HQ via the F10 radio menu. It takes 5 minutes to complete this request, and an aircraft from your coalition MUST remain within the airport boundaries the entire time. Leaving, or being destroyed, before the line completes will result in a broken transmission. And you will have to wait 10 minutes before another open line can be made. If successful with your transmission, you will also have to wait 10 minutes before being able to make another open line request. Be aware though, once you initiate the request, the enemy will also be alerted to this, and most likely coming at full speed to stop you.

This mission requires: (1) The Normandy Map, (2) WWII Assets Pack, and (3) one of the WWII aircraft.

Update Log:

v1.6:  6 Mosquito Added
          Changed Axis bombers back to Ju-88’s

v1.5:  Updated atmospheric conditions for new cloud system

v1.4:  P-47’s broke into different models (1 - Early, 2 - 30’s, 3 - 40’s)

v1.3:  Added 6 P-47’s to Blue Team
          Increased starting points from 10 to 15 for each team
          Changed out B-17 bombers with Ju-88’s and A-20’s in Bomber and Transport call-ins
          Removed aircraft dedicated for observer slots, added actual observer slots
          Adjusted numerous units to include the newly released assets
          Added a number of static aircraft at the Chippelle airport
          Fixed various trigger related issues
          Fixed available loadouts at starting bases
          Ground smoke markers added at Target locations (F10 option to remove if desired)
          Changed destruction of Railyard point value from 2 to 1
          Added kneeboard pages for quick map references

v1.2:  Added 6 P-47’s to Blue Team
          Changed out B-17 bombers with Ju-88’s and A-20’s in Bomber and Transport selections
          Removed aircraft dedicated for observer slots, added actual observer slots
          Adjusted numerous units to include the newly released assets

v1.1:  Added 6 I-16’s.
          Added 6 Fw-190A’s.
          Changed 3 P-51’s from 25 series to 30 series.
          Added colored smoke at each of the land based ground targets.
          Added fire and smoke to red and blue base airport, as well as Chippelle airport.
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