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DCS: World 2.5
Las Vegas Variable Attack (SP and MP)

Las Vegas Variable Attack (SP and MP)

Author - Apache600
Date - 02.06.2018 09:23
This is an all-in-one style Air-Ground, Air-Air attack mission for the NTTR map, and supports every flyable platform in DCS. All Fixed wing aircraft start at Nellis, while all the helicopters start at a FARP on the eastern edge of the city, east of McCarren Intl Airport.
In order to activate a mission, you MUST select it through the F10 radio menu option.

Once completed with a mission, you will have the option of selecting a new mission. You must first complete the mission assigned before moving on to a new one.

All Helo Missions (except for Break-Thru) require at least one helicopter that can pick up troops. That would only be the Mi-8, or the UH-1 at this time.
None of the aircraft (except for helo's that are "ground starts") have ordinance already loaded. So don't forget! To load weapons, you may have to press Left ALT and ' (period key for the MiG-21) -Those are for default key bindings- This is because I've noticed that trying to do the re-arm option through the radio menu doesn't seem to work all the time.

CTLD only meant for Helo "Break-thru" mission.
Only Mi-8's and Huey's can do rescue mission pickups right now.

Mission List:
- Unattended Depots: 3 Missions
- City Missions: 5 Easy Missions, 5 Medium Missions, 3 Hard Missions
- Country Missions: 4 Easy Missions, 4 Medium Missions, 4 Hard Missions (for Tonopah mission, only fixed wing set off triggers)
- Strike Missions: The Beatty Bomber, A Primm Pounding, Laughlin Bridges, FedEx Express (only fixed wing set off triggers)
- Helo Missions: Break-Thru, Hoover Dam Hoist, Boulder Bastille, VIP Pickup
- Air-Air Missions: Helo Intercept, WWII and Korean Menace, Vietnam Vengeance, Modern Mayhem, Transport and Bomber Pick-Off, Large CAP Groups

Mission Still Under Construction:
- Helo Missions: Stratosphere Sling, Mountain Rescue

Ground Mission Difficulty definitions:
Unattended Depots: No enemy return fire.
Easy - Intended to be completed by a single player. Air defense includes small arms and vehicle mounted machine guns.
Medium - Can be completed by a more competent single player, but really intended for 2+ players. Air defense includes AAA vehicles (guns) some with radar capability. And a possible short range IR SAM unit.
Hard - Intended for a small group, or team, of players. Air defense includes multiple SAM's, both IR and Radar.

Air Mission Difficulty definitions: (These missions are mainly built for 1-2 players, except for the "Large Cap Group's" air missions. Those are more suited for larger groups of player's flying together.)
Easy - Either a few non-retaliatory aircraft, or a single fighter with guns only.
Medium - One or more retaliatory aircraft. Short range missiles possible.
Hard - Multiple retaliatory aircraft with possibility of both short and long range missiles.

AWAC's is available at 251Mhz (Chan 7 for aircraft that need it, Chan F for Viggen) AWAC is set to Immortal and Invisible.
Easy Comm is enabled at this time for those aircraft that are out of Freq range for AWAC's.

Update Log:
v1.3:  12 F-18 aircraft added.  (4 slots are dedicated to the F-18.  The other 8 are part of a 2 groups (of 4 aircraft each) called POI (Planes of Interest) that will be able to shift with any new aircraft that releases)
v1.2:  3 J-11's added, and 1 SU-27 removed.
         2 of the SA-342 helos (one M and one Mistal) replaced with Minigun versions.
         Fixed trigger issues with Boulder Bastille and Hoover Dam Heist missions.
         "Restart Mission" radio option removed, functionality seems to be broken.
v1.1:  "Restart Mission" radio option now functioning properly.
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