RAF/IAF ~ Operation: Burning Bush

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RAF/IAF ~ Operation: Burning Bush

RAF/IAF ~ Operation: Burning Bush

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 27.03.2018 10:41
(Inspired by Operation: Thunderbolt)

Operation: Burning Bush

Several days ago a French airliner heading to Tel Aviv was hijacked by an extremist terrorist cell.  The flight was re-routed through several African countries and is now in a hostile nation with a brutal dictator who appears to be catering to the terrorists demands.

Although some of the hostages have been released to show 'good faith' 89  Jewish citizens are being held and it is feared that nothing short of a full scale rescue mission will be able to save them.  

The UK has allies in the region and has been offered the use of one of its airbases in a as a staging area to attempt the rescue.  The Israeli Air Force and its Mossad counter terrorisms units are in place and the mission has been slated to launch at 0530.  Time is running out, failure is not an option.

AFRICA ~ 0530


Situation: Critical

The IAF has formulated a rescue mission that hinges on many moving parts all working together.  This is a dangerous and perhaps perilous attempt to bring home 89 souls.  With the help of the RAF the plan is to strike the enemy airbase in several waves, therefore throwing them off balance enough to paradrop a commando force in and get the hostages out safely.  During the night a elite Commando group has moved into position near the enemy air base.  When we get in range, they will strike.

"Good morning Captain.  Our mission today is going to be a dangerous one. We will be flying ESCORT and SEAD for the main strike package: Callsign: UZI 1 and UZI 2.  Our objectives our quite simple, however the implemantation of the attack will be quite risky.  

You will follow the IAF F-4 group in at LOW ALTITUDE to avoid radar detection.  Do not fly above 5000ft or risk being picked up.  Once they are within close range of the base, they will make a bomb run on the hangers of the dictators air force.  A commando strike group will enter from the west by armed vehicle.  And the Parodrop will be inbound moments after that."

"Following the initial strike a second wave will come in to hit the runway to prevent any aircraft that were not destroyed from taking off.  In the event that this attack fails OR that some manage to get to the runway---you MUST take them out and prevent them from taking off.

Our latest intel suggests that the enemy dictator has acquired deadly SA-10s from the RUSSIANS.  They have not been picked up on any recon signitures, but we suspect that they are in fact there.  You MUST take those SAM's out---your Sidearms will be handy when it comes time for that.  It is also understood that once the attack begins the enemy will try to scramble aircraft from other bases in an attempt to halt our rescue mission."


Waypoint 1 --- Ingress

Waypoint 2 --- FARP

Waypoint 3 --- Target

Waypoint 4 --- Egress

Waypoint 5 --- BASE



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