"Dreaded Gomboo/Sweet Rose" (For DCS 2.5)

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DCS: World 2.5
F-86F Sabre
"Dreaded Gomboo/Sweet Rose" (For DCS 2.5)

"Dreaded Gomboo/Sweet Rose" (For DCS 2.5)

Type - Skin
Author - Bo_Nidle
Date - 15.03.2018 12:52
I was pleased to recreate this F-86F of the 336thFS 4thFW, at the request of Eric Yocum, the son of it's Crew Chief Wally Yocum.

A/2C Walter Yocum Jr. (Wally), was assigned at that time as the crew chief of FU-539. He quickly added his sweethearts name to the nose, “Sweet Rose”.
Wally started dating Rose after high school. He eventually married her the year he returned to the United States on November 5, 1955 in Pennsylvania.
They had four children together: Ken, Steve, Tom and Eric.

The pilot of the aircraft was 2/LT Kenneth C. Ewing. Ken had “Dreaded Gomboo” painted on by the nose on his side of the aircraft.
The name signified a certain infectious disease.

The blue nose was added to 336thFS Sabres near the end of the Korean War.

Eric has an excellent website dedicated to his dad and the 4th Fighter Wing at: yocumusa.com/sweetrose/
Any Sabre fans will really appreciate it.

Late Korean War F-86F of the 4thFW 336FS.
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