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FORTRESS EUROPE ~ "Trainingstag"

FORTRESS EUROPE ~ "Trainingstag"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 08.03.2018 02:53

The Atlantic Wall is a feat like no other.

In 1942 the Battle of Britian was ultimately won by the Germans---it was a long and bloody campaign but the Germans were able to wear down the RAF with endless bombing raids and strikes on their factories.

The British have been trying desperately to push the Germans back---and the strength of their Navy has been the only thing saving an all out invasion.

The Americans have entered the war and are providing heavy bomber support for the enemy---however at great cost.  Many of the finest pilots have been lost and all attacks on ports or factories have become highly contested.

The war drags on...It is in favor of the Luftwaffe now---and in time Operation Sabertooth will become a neccessary conter-offensive.

"Welcome, Oberluetenant---as flight leader of the now infamous flight grouppe J/G 26 ---"Hunter/Killer"

We serve as the protective force for Section Z---which covers Le Havre harbour among other things.  This is a very important assignment, since the base of our Atlantic fleet is stationed here.  U-Boats, Battleships and our invasion forces will be using this base when it is time to launch our strike across the channel.  Its safety is of the highest national priority---It must remain in operation at all costs."

"Today we shall complete your flight training in Germany's newest and deadliest fighter bomber to date---the FW-190D.  This warbird has the highest speed and most firepower of anything in our arsenal---and is more than capable to handle all enemies we might engage."

"Our training today shall be in 3 parts.  First, you will take off and fly to our port at Le Harve---here you will receive instructions from ground control on your targets.

Once that is complete you will enter phase 2---air-to-air combat.  There will be 3 waves of enemy bombers to engage---this will be crucial for you to become proficient at---taking out enemy bombers is of highest national priority!

Finally ,we shall send you on a short coastal patrol to hunt for enemy recon groups.  The enemy is relentless in their information gathering techniques---today we will give them quite a shock when they encounter our newest and deadliest airplane!

Alright then---Lets get to it shall we..."


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