Operation Muzzlebrake - silence the enemy artillery

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DCS World 2.7
SA342 Gazelle

Operation Muzzlebrake - silence the enemy artillery

Uploaded by - Don Rudi
Date - 02/17/2018 13:40:36
My 5th mission for the Gazelle will bring you back to Caucasus. Operation: "Muzzlebrake" is embedded in a fictional Turkish-Georgian conflict  and requires you to perform a commando raid against a Turkish artillery position shelling Batumi airport. The mission is pretty straight forward and as long as you stick to the ROE and listen to your mission commander, you should be back home quickly. If not... well I warned you.

Mission contains about a dozen custom R/T voice files, briefing maps and various dynamic elements, to keep the mission entertaining when flying it a second or third time.

Basic NADIR knowledge is mandatory, as well as the knowledge how to start up the Gazelle from cold and dark - quickly!

+++update 6/2021+++
Adapted target locations to changed terrain

Background: Some 100 years ago during the time of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, the country stretched into the territory of today's Turkey. A dispute over the borderline has arisen between Georgia and Turkey. The political conflict started to turn hot, when Goergia downed a Turkish Air Force reconaissance plane in the border area.
In retaliation, Turkey started shelling Batumi airport in preparation of an invasion of the autonomous Republic of Adjara, of which Batumi is the capitol.

The mission: The Georgian Air Force does not have the assets to perform a precision strike against the artillery position just south of the Turkish border, which is guarded by a nearby HAWK battery. However, Georgia just received a stock of surplus ex-ALAT Gazelles and you are tasked to perform a commando raid against the arty position.

Mission contains custom voice overs and briefings screens and various dynamic and surprise elements. Your copilot/mission commander has some valuable hints for you. Of course you can deviate from his advice - be sure I prepared some sometimes more, sometimes less naughty surprises should you choose to ignore him.

Good luck!
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