Hotas Warthog Profile for MiG-29S (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement) Update 30/07/19

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Hotas Warthog Profile for MiG-29S (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement) Update 30/07/19

Uploaded by - NOiD
Date - 02/17/2018 12:46:25
Hotas Warthog Profile for MiG-29S (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement) Update 30/07/19

****Hi mates, sorry about it, i received many emails, and you're all very kind and a wonderful community, but i wasn't able to answer. I had shitty times and no ressources to spend on DCS, and to be honest i was not well and im not seeing the end of it now. I can't update my work, i tried to make it easy for another one to take over, let me know if i need to share more.
Thank you all.

Update 4 v0.6

Features :
-Combined stick/throttle profile
-Scripted switches and 3 pos switch abstraction binds
-Alternative axis (Zoom/Mouse on slew, Radar elevation/2nd Free Axis on slider)
-LED management (Battery/Gear/Airbrakes/Chaff-Flares/Fuel Dump indicators, Backlight turns on/off at engine start/stop, Blinking ejection warning)
-TrackIR Center/Pause and Teamspeack PTT/Whisper binds.
-Simple Radio Radio1/Radio2 binds, acts as Push-To-Talk (se t in Simple Radio settings). Radio1 bind is the same as Teamspeack PTT bind, as you usually mute Teamspeack when Simple Radio is engaged.
-Commented .tmc file, so you can modify it/make your own easily.

Install :
0. Unzip file content wh ere you want on your PC.
1. Open Target.
2. Run the "Combined MiG-29S.tmc" with "Run configuration" Button.
3. Open DCS.
4. Load the 2 .diff files provided in the correct category (see file name).
5. Enjoy !

Warning ! : Works only if you load the 2 DCS command profiles provided, in the proper categories (Thrustmaster Virtual Device/Thrustmaster Virtual Device Axis), and se t the TrackIR/Teamspeack keybinds as specified in the layout image provided.

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F/A-18C Fictional French Marine Livery :
L-39C Fictional French Livery :
M-2000C Fictional French Livery :
MiG-29S Fictional French Livery :
Su-33 Fictional French Livery :
UH-1H Huey Fictional French Marine Livery :
Yak-52 Fictional French Livery :

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Skinpack Bf-109 K-4 v2.0 - 14 Liveries :

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My DCS movies :

Update Log:

Update 3 v0.5
-Corrected Flaps up/down (EAC ON/OFF) on layout picture.
-Corrected Wheelbrakes bind (W, was l_alt+w before).

Update 2 v0.4
-Corrected not working next/previous target/waypoint Bind
-Added Autopilot disengage on AP throttle button
-Added Autopilot level on CMS.

Update 1 v0.3
-Global bind change, removed useless and not working binds wich was a copy of the Su-27/33 ones, added new binds : Brakes, HUD Color, Fuel Dump, Follow launched, moved HUD Filter,...
-Updated .diff files
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