NORMANDY '44 ~ "The Battle of Saint-Lô"

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P-51D Mustang
NORMANDY '44 ~ "The Battle of Saint-Lô"

NORMANDY '44 ~ "The Battle of Saint-Lô"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 16.02.2018 08:55
The Battle of Saint-Lô is one of the three conflicts in the Battle of the Hedgerows. Saint-Lô had fallen to Germany in 1940, and, after the Invasion of Normandy, the Americans targeted the city, as it served as a strategic crossroads.

The 84th Squadron is moving to Meautis as we close the ring on the Germans in France.  After a long and bloody battle along the coastline---we can finally concentrate on pushing them out of the country for good.  

The Germans still hold several key bases in the eastern sections and we are setting up bomber bases to hit them hard---and where it hurts most...the railways.

France is on her way to liberation.  Stay the course.  Fight the good fight.

"You will be providing some good old fashioned escort support today.  A group of fighter/bombers is taking off from Lessay and you will rendevous with them on their attack run.

Their target is a key rail bridge in the city of St. Lo.  The Germans are dug in there still and we need to cut off their supply corridor.  Once we have St. Lo back we can push further east on our way to the Reich itself!"

"Once the area is deemed safe enough we will air drop the 82nd to secure the town---feel free to take out any AAA threats that you can once you eliminate any fighters"



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