NORMANDY '44 ~ "The Battle Of Cherbourg"

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NORMANDY '44 ~ "The Battle Of Cherbourg"

NORMANDY '44 ~ "The Battle Of Cherbourg"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 16.02.2018 08:42
The Battle of Cherbourg was part of the Battle of Normandy during World War II. It was fought immediately after the successful Allied landings on June 6, 1944. Allied troops, mainly American, isolated and captured the fortified port, which was considered vital to the campaign in Western Europe, in a hard-fought, month-long campaign.

The allies have the beach---but strong resistance is still be encountered by the Germans.  The port of Cherbourg is of major importance to our advance and must be secured.

It is our full intention to launch the 'breakout' as soon as possible.  Now that we finally have them on the run---we must keep them running all the way back to Berlin

German bunkers and tanks have dug in and are not about to go down without a fight.  We will have to use all the assets we have available to run them out.

"The Army has been rolling steadily along---but there are still pockets of fierce resistance to deal with.  We need you to do some ground pounding today---Germans are trapped behind the front lines---but dug in well...not to mentionm they have heavy artillery and guns that we still have to deal with.

Fly into the AO and take out any targets you can---there is an air base close to you to rearm if need be---and if the ground assault gets in trouble there is another flight of P-47's that you can call in to assist.

A flight of RAF Spitfires is pulling CAP for you today---so enjoy the clear weather and take out those targets!"



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