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RAF/SAS: JTX ~ "A Royal Pain"

RAF/SAS: JTX ~ "A Royal Pain"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 08.02.2018 06:56
Joint Force Harrier (JFH) was established on 1 April 2000 in response to the proposal brought by the British Government as part of Strategic Defence Review. Originally called Joint Force 2000, it combined the Royal Navy's two Sea Harrier FA2 squadrons with the RAF's four Harrier GR7/7A squadrons under a single command structure within RAF Strike Command. This force was to be deployable from both Invincible class aircraft carriers, Royal Air Force stations and deployed air bases.

Witrh the deployment of Prince Harry to Afghanistan we have develpoed a contingincy operation---in the event that we would need to 'rescue' or evac the Royal to safety.  Despite our best efforts the Prince has informed his unit that he wishes to be treated the same and fair as any other soldier.

That being said---he IS the Prince and a plan needs to be in place to get him out should the situation arise.

"Good mornming, Commander----todays ops will involve an SAS rescue mission and follow up with a srtike on the enemy field base.

PHASE ONE:  You will fly lead into the enemy AO.  A convoy is being tracked by a commando squad (callsign:  MANGO TANGO) and near WAYPOINT 3 you should find the enemy.

We suspect they are trying to get him to their base camp---although we do not yet know where that is---most likely they will have a helo unit to move him.  We need to get to them before that happens.  It will be much harder to secure him once they are in the air.  

PHASE TWO:  Once we have the Royal headed towards safety we will have located the enemy filed base.  It will surely be well defended.  We strongly suggest Sidearm and Mavericks to employ against the ground targets.  Enemy helo activity is also reported----plan accordingly"

SAS is inbound---lets get moving!"


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