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Beginners Tutorial F-5E Tiger II

Type - Document
Uploaded by - cHoffmann
Date - 01/24/2018 17:03:55
A tutorial for a simple training air to ground sortie with the F-5E Tiger II. Besides the PDF-Tutorial a Checklist and a situation file are included.

This document describes an air to ground training mission with the F5E Tiger II module in DCS on the Caucasus Map. It is assumed that you know how to fly in a flight sim and have a general understanding of how DCS works and what air plane you are flying. The tutorial describes, how to get the aircraft started and into the air. Further on, it describes how to deploy weapons with the F-5E Tiger II. Finally, it is described how to safely land the aircraft.

The provided mission is a training sortie. Targets are placed on a bombing range without any air defence. This should give you the opportunity to learn how to fly and fight in this aircraft. The document is supplemented by a mission file "A2G-F5E.miz". After placing this file into your appropriate DCS directory, you can fly the described mission to practice what you have read before.

Additionally I have provided a checklist for the mission. It is not based on official checklists available on the internet, but tailor-made to the needs of DCS World F-5E missions. The flight preparation described in this document is actually based on this checklist. The idea is that after reading the tutorial off line, the full document should help to execute the mission for the first time using the "Pause"-function extensively. Later, the checklist should be enough to execute the flight successfully. After this mission has become second nature it will be easy to add new weapons and aircraft systems to be used.

Please be aware English is not my native language. I apologize for all misspellings, grammar mistakes and strange wordings this document may include. I hope the understanding will not be jeopardized. The guide is still work in progress. Any suggestions to improve the guide or the mission file are highly appreciated.
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