NAPOLEONIC WARS ~ 2020 ~ "Révolution!"

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NAPOLEONIC WARS ~ 2020 ~ "Révolution!"

NAPOLEONIC WARS ~ 2020 ~ "Révolution!"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 24.01.2018 04:31
Napoleonic Wars ~ 2020

After decades of peace and stablility in Europe a crisis has come...

A long lost heir to the throne of Napoleon has been discovered and it has sent France into turmoil.  Many French citizens who are frustrated with the stagnant economy and rampant political corruption---have advocated for the overthrow of its government and placing a now 35 year old young "Emperor" back on the thrown.  What is worse is the new faction is pro-Communist and has found firm backing from our old adversary---The Russian Federation.

Several cities and many Generals have turned to side with the revolution---making France a very dangerous place to be.  The consequences for the world are staggering.  The current French govt. is pleading for help---any help from their old and trusted allies the Americans and the UK.

Off the French coast, a US led task force is taking shape...

"Commander---I wish we had better news.  Many French cities and towns have fallen to the revolution---and the insurgency has gained strength and support from the worst of places.  It appears that the Russians have offered their support in military aid to the Emporor's coup attempt.

This crisis could throw all of Europe into turnoil and it is vital that we act fast.  The bulk of the US fleet is still steaming this way from Virgina.  All we have here is the small Marine group that has been involved in JTX with the RAF/SAS.

The British have heeded the desperate plea from the Legitimate French Govt. and are deciding to act.  We will be by their side when they do.

PHASE ONE:  We need to get in the air and gain air superiority.  We now know that several key bases have fallen and they will have the support of front line fighters.  Our resources are thin---but we are MARINES.  Let's get up there and take control of the situation!

PHASE TWO:  The RAF is sending in a bomber group to hit the transports that are unloading at Port Cherbourg.  We need to cover them as they hit those targets.  Any air and ground threats that we can take out will help the attack and clear the way for further operations.

PHASE THREE:  We are desperately trying to get good intel on the ground so that we might be able to locate the enemy base and "cut the head off of the snake".  We will keep you posted as the mission unfolds."

MODS and MODULES needed:

WWII Assets Pack
Alligator by AutoMod
Independence by Markindel
Ranger Pack 2.4.1 by Ranger 79 Productions
USNS Patuxent
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