BATTLE OF BRITAIN '44 ~ "The Links"

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BATTLE OF BRITAIN '44 ~ "The Links"

BATTLE OF BRITAIN '44 ~ "The Links"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 08.01.2018 09:41

With much of the focus now in preperation for OPERATION OVERLORD, it has become all but an afterthought about the defense of the mainland.  The Atlantic Wall is holding strong and even though it seems like Germany could be ripe for the taking---they are still a mighty juggernaut to be dealt with.

Hitler has tasked Goering with another attempt to discourage the Allies from any thoughts of an invasion.  By keeping England on the defensive it is his hope that they will be unable to prepare for any atttack on mainland Europe.

The hard lessons learned in the first Battle Of Britain have not gone unheeded.  Hitler is well aware that his lack of focus on radar chains and airfields cost him dearly.  He has no intentions of making that mistake again...

"So it looks like the Huns want to have another go at us---well, more for the better then!  Welcome F/O, you are a proud member of the Irish Air Corps---and while many of our fellow lads are preparing for a very secret mission---we are in charge of homeland defense.

Its our job to keep the Radar stations and airfields up to par---we need those resources now more than ever.  And it would be a crippling blow to our 'plans' if we were not operating at full capacity.

So lets all do our part shall we---give 'em hell Paddy!"

MODS and MODULES required:


WWII AI Bomber Pack Vol I   (JU -88)


IAC Skins
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