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Falklands Style in Normandy - Co-op

Uploaded by - jamison19822
Date - 12/24/2017 12:39:33
FALKLANDS in Normandy

FALKLANDS in Normandy :)

Using the LHA we will have 6 wings taking down back our island!!!

1 - SEAD from the LHA Tarawa
Hunter Flight - 4 harriers

2 - CAP from the LHA Tarawa
Bingo Flight - 4 harriers

3 - CAS from the LHA Tarawa
Enfield Flight 4x Harriers

4 -Choppers on 2 Carl Vinsons
Shark Flight 3x ka50
Phoenix Flight 2x Huey
Vulture Flight 3x gazelle

5 - Ground based CAS / CAP
Uzi flight 4 x 2000c
Raven Flight 4x F15c
Pontiac Flight 4x A10c

5 - CAP from the Admiral
Vodka Flight 4x Su-33


The task is simple remove enemy forces from the Island and protect the carriers at all costs.

Take of first and head to WP1 (SA8 and AAA in the area for you to take out )
WP2 is home base

enemy anti ship and choppers will try and sink our fleet from 3 locations, Each ship will have pre programmed waypoints for their cap, starting with WP1 and ending in WP5
WP6 is your home base

Protect at all costs (awacs will be airborne for assistance)

Simple, remove all enemy forces from the two island locations (Target 1 – WP1) (Target 2 – WP2)
WP3 is Home base
NO Jtac on this one boys. its too risky for our ground troops!!

Once all ground units have been removed a HUEY will take off to land a UN peace keeper onto the ground. Once this is done our mission is OVER

CAP flight make sure you keep the UN Fairy's safe - or the mission is a BUST!!!!
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