USMC Desert Ops ~ "Shell Game"

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AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
USMC Desert Ops ~ "Shell Game"

USMC Desert Ops ~ "Shell Game"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 22.12.2017 08:09
Nellis AFB ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

The Nellis AFB mission of advanced combat training for composite strike forces is commonly conducted in conjunction with air and grounds units of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and allied forces. The base also supports operations at the nearby Creech Air Force Base, the Tonopah Test Range and the Nevada National Security Site.

The USMC is on station for the week working out A/G and A/A missions in preparation for their deployment overseas.  The primary mission of the Harrier is CAS---however, all of your skills will be tested in these sorties---Harrier can be one very deadly bird when put int the right hands.

"You will ingress into the AO for CAS and EVAC support.  one of our firebases is under assualt and we are moving in all available assets to cover our withdrawal.  The enemy has heavy armor and a supply convoy with men and material that we need to eliminate.

We have artillery units deploying into the area but they will need some time to arrive---you are going to buy them that time

Your job is to hit the supply and light armor column to the south of the main advance---this will deprive the enemy of much needed supplies should they actually reach their target.

Once you take out the supply units---stay on station and provide CAP for the rest of our attack---you are also needed to call in the artillery support when needed---Good Luck!"
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