Operation "The Capture of Mesquite"

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DCS World 2.1
SA342 Gazelle

Operation "The Capture of Mesquite"

Uploaded by - Gaviotillo
Date - 12/17/2017 16:06:00
To watch the mission trailer , click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbTlVQuvIQ4

Our sources of information have detected the movement of the enemy at the Mesquite airfield. We have a convoy nearby but we have requested air support to cover thems in the catch.

There is an AN-30 aircraft that is being loaded with weapons. We need that aircraft in good condition to infiltrate a special unit between the enemy.

Avoid as much as possible destroying vehicles that can be captured and used later.

Mission in english

Nemo Group

*Nemo SP: Vuelo offline
          -Sa-342L (Player)
          -Sa-342L (IA)

*Nemo MP: Vuelo online
          -Sa-342L (Player)
          -Sa-342L (Player)

Snake Group

*Snake SP: Vuelo offline
          -UH-1H (Player)
          -UH-1H (IA)

*Snake MP: Vuelo online
          -UH-1H (Player)
          -UH-1H (Player)

Main objectives:

* Eliminate infantry fr om the airfield for the arrival of the convoy
* Capture aircraft AN-30 (Do not destroy it)


* Intelligence ensures that the enemy has 2 Ural vehicles with AAA on them. We do not have photographs wh ere to locate them.

* IR missile defense is not expected, although we recommend that you take extreme precautions.

Secondary objectives:

* No information available.
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