U.S/U.K Joint Training Exercise ~ "Operation: Bugger Off"

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AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
U.S/U.K Joint Training Exercise ~ "Operation: Bugger Off"

U.S/U.K Joint Training Exercise ~ "Operation: Bugger Off"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 09.12.2017 10:52
Southern England ~ 2017

Joint Exercise U.S/U.K  ~ Operation "Bugger Off"

U.S and U.K forces have shared a common goal across decades in their efforts to protect their homelands and interests abroad from all enemies.  This years exercise will have the two countries Navies joining in with with USMC assets to simulate an enemy landing/invasion.

We must be dilligent as always and work together to complete our goals--- You will be advised of threats in mission.  Let's get up there and get to work.

During the night a well organized and highly motivated enemy has landed on our shores---with naval/air and ground units.  Our goal is to block the advancing group and eliminate all enemies.

"Good morning, Colonel.  This exercise will give us a chance to work with U.K forces to take out an invasion force.  We will all by flying the AV_88 today in a CAS/CAP role

This field is a FOB and although it doesn't have all the comforts of a standard airbase---it is quite sufficient for our training this morning.  Your armament is going to be 'low-tech'---we want you to get in there and mix it up with these units---it will be a good test of your skills at low altitude.

This mission will combine the elements of a good 'conter-offensive' attack---and all groups will need to work together to eliminate the threat.  The U.S light carrier group is also helping to coordinate and obseerve the mission---but no assistance will be given---this is strickly a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) task and we need to hit them hard and fast while we have the advantage."

"Lets get rolling---good luck men!"

MODS needed:

Alligator 1171 HeliPad
Independence_Class by Markindel
Mistral by Markindel
RFA Wave Ruler
USS COLE by Markinel
WWII Assets Pack
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