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DCS: World 1.5

A2A Engagements

Author - Delta99
Date - 20.11.2017 01:46
Flying F15C against random generated flights spawned by menu command.

This has been sitting on the backburner for a while cause I wanted to expand on it adding RED side for the human player. Easy enough to do but that will come at some point in a later version. For now this works great from the BLUE player side.

From the in-game briefing:

Air to air engagements flying BLUE F15C's against a random set of RED flights as defined by menu command. Use the F10 menu to set the engagement min / max distances, altitude min / max ranges, and number of units to spawn in each flight. The group will be randomly spawned from the first human player in the game regardless of who issues the random spawn. You can spawn more than one random flight.

There will be a BLUE E3C AWACs bird in the air as well as well as a number of EWR stations.

RED flights will consist of the following type of aircraft:

Mig 31
Mirage 2000-5

Blue flights 1-2 start North of Khashuri
Blue flights 3-4 start North of Kutaisi
Blue flights 5-6 start North of Sukhumi
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