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Air Force Down

Air Force Down

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 02.11.2017 07:46

The unthinkable has happened.

Air Force One and has been hijacked and POTUS is now a hostage of an elite and dark terrorist organization---known only as C.L.A.W.  The US President was on a spontaneous trip to visit members of the armed forces deployed in the middle east---

A terrorist cell, posing as members of the press corps were able to overpower the Secret Service and gain control of AF1 (FAKE NEWS!)  They are forcing the plane down at a southern Russian airfield and are attempting to transport the President to a hidden base somewhere in the Causcus region.

Though we lost our escorts we were able to mobilize a CAS emergency contingency group from Turkey and move them into position---we are on station and awaiting instructions from D.C

The Russians have taken the bold move and are relinquishing all authority on this matter to the US.  As long as no attempts are made to engage tagets north of the base---all options available to the US and its allies are on the table.  Russian forces standby in the event that the US would need to call on them.  The scope of the hijacking is still unclear---and our highest priority is the elimination of all enemy units currently in posession of AF1.

Once AF1 is secured and all enemies on the ground terminated we can focus on a rescue attempt of the President.

"Well, Colonel---I guess this is one mission you didn't rehearse back at Nellis.  No matter now---we have to get up there and pull this off.  We have you and your wingman loaded to the gills with MAV's and rockets.  

We also added a GBU-10 as requested by Delta Force---it would appear they have a plan...God I hope so---let's go save the President!"


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