Su-33 Speculars for PBR (RoughMet) ver 1.1

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Su-33 Speculars for PBR (RoughMet) ver 1.1

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - watermanpc
Date - 10/22/2017 23:58:21
This is a fixed, improved and customized version of the default Su-33 specular maps for PBR. Update 1.1

UPDATED to v1.1, General improvements.

This is a fixed, improved and customized version of the default Su-33 specular maps for PBR rendering system and a customized engines metal cover texture (which is not optional).

They have been edited to use the new RoughMet Maps system. Includes many fixes and corrections as well as adjustments to the material look of many parts. Also includes A.O. channel.


In order to make this to work, you MUST edit ALL of your Su-33 skins "description.lua" files (including the defaul skins), otherwise, non edited ones won't work properly. It takes just a couple of seconds to edit each one so not a hard work...however DO NOT USE NOTEPAD to edit them, it will cause file corruption!!!. Use some editor like Notepad++.

The lines you must add to each skin are the following:

{"su33_tex01", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex01_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex02", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex02_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex03", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex03_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex04", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex04_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex05", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex05_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex06", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex06_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex07", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex07_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_detail01", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_detail01_RoughMet",false};
{"su33_detail02", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_detail02_RoughMet",false};

{"su33_tex01_BN31", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex01_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex01_BN32", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex01_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex06_BN31", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex06_RoughMet",true};
{"su33_tex06_BN32", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"Su33_tex06_RoughMet",true};

Simply copy and paste all of them between:

livery = {




Drop all files (except "Su33_detail01_RoughMet" and "su33_detail02_RoughMet")  in the zip to your Bazar/Textures/ file (making first a back up of this zip file, just in case).

Then, copy both "Su33_detail01_RoughMet" and "su33_detail02_RoughMet" files in every skin folder you have.

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