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KOREA '55 ~ "P.O.W.wow"

KOREA '55 ~ "P.O.W.wow"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 10.10.2017 06:35
KOREA ~ winter

MacArthur's bombing campaign is in full swing and the NK forces are reeling from the near daily sorties.  But as the bombing missions are taking their toll on the North, the losses on the South have been growing---primarily the loss of experienced veteran pilots is becoming an issue for the US and its allies.

A plan has been put together to work in conjunction with our spies and insurgents in NK to rescue a group of our pilots currently being transported to a NK prison camp.  The timing is crucial and our window for the daring plan is small---but if there is a chance to bring home some of our brave boys---we have to try.

"We are aware of a route that the NK have been using to tranport prisoners---our sources on the ground have informed us that a convoy is on the move this morning---the time is now for us to hit them and rescue our pilots

You will take off from base and catch up to the DC-3 that will drop the 82nd Airborne on the target.  The DC-3 will be in contact with our spies---who will set off a smoke marker for you to fly towards.

Most POW convoys have 3 APC's in formation with the prisoner vehicles---you will need to take ALL 3 of them so that our paratroopers can stop the convoy.  They will be able to assist---but we must keep our losses as low as possible.

Once the convoy has been stopped---we have a new helicopter entering theater this week---the HUEY is the Army's newest asset---and she will get a baptiism of fire this morning in this dangerous rescue mission.

Once the helo's are over the target---you will provide cover should any threats come up---both rescue helo's MUST survive for this mission to be a success---

Ford flight is heading into the AO and will search out any patrols and engage them giving you  some cover to work with---your priorities are the APC's and the safety of the HUEY's---don't get too sidetracked on other targets.  Once our choppers hjave reached the SAFE ZONE you can bug out---we don't need to lose more pilots today---lets stay focused and bring our boys home

Good Luck---we are all pulling for you!"

MOD needed:

(Ships, Bunker, MG, Flak, M16, M45, Oil-Rig, Tents, Towers, H-LZ, Inverted Y LZ, Nato LZ)
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