Operation Safe-Haven : a MP effort to rescue a spec-ops team trapped behind enemy lines

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Operation Safe-Haven : a MP effort to rescue a spec-ops team trapped behind enemy lines

Uploaded by - IAF.AssafB
Date - 09/27/2017 23:29:27
An urgent operation to protect and extract a team of Delta-force from enemy territory


* With recent increase of military activity in the country to our South, Regional HQ has dispatched several Delta-Force recon teams across the border to closely monitor enemy deployments and activities.
* Last night at roughly 0200LT Delta-team 4 has been compromised and had to take evasive action and took position inside an abandoned house at the village of Tsipnara.
* SIGINT indicates that the enemy has high confidence of an infiltration team is in the sector. However as of this time we have no indication that the enemy was able to pinpoint the whereabouts of Delta-4
* Since 0400LT this morning we've detected a major increase of enemy ground forces activity, with a pattern consistent with a major seek-and-destroy operation throughout the sector.
* During the night and until 0700LT, enemy outposts along our border (Red-1 through Red-8) were also reinforced with SAM, AAA and armored detachments of the 154th air-defense regiment.
* Some air defense units (mainly AAA's) have also been spotted moving to positions along the river. The river area must therefore be considered dangerous for low-level flights.
* With Delta-4 desperately outnumbered and in immediate risk, We've been authorized to execute a rescue operation.

Depending on availability of assets, we can execute the rescue either by land or by air:

-Mi-8 "TAXI-1" (T/O Senaki-Kolkhi) is to proceed and land at the LZ near the objective, and await confirmation that the deltas have all boarded it.
-Depart and land at Safe-Haven base.
Note: Positive position check can be done by asking for a green-smoke to be deployed at the LZ (through the comm menu), however, with the enemy already at high-alert we must expect enemy fire to target the L-Z once the smoke is visible, making the landing and extraction more dangerous.

-A pair of Stryker type IFV's is to leave Safe-Haven camp and head to the objective, coming near the house. We have a pair of Merkava mk.4 tanks at the camp, available for providing close support for the IFV's

1) Enemy air threats are to be expected whenver at least a pair of CAP fighters (of flights EAGLE or PARIS) is airborne
2) A hi-res map of the entire area, containing tactical markings (roads, bridges, enemy outposts) is included in the ZIP file and should assist in coordinating the rescue effort.

A-10C flight "HAWG" (x4)
SU-25T flght "FROG" (x4)
KA-50 flight "WOLF" (x2)
SA342A flight "Shark" (x2)

- CAS; supress enemy defences; maintain observation on the village and take out any enemy force approaching the house.
- All CAS flights T/O Senaki-Kolkhi

F-15 flight "EAGLE" (x4) - CAP
M-2000C flight "PARIS (x4) – CAP
-    CAP flights T/O Gudata
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