RED DAWN 2020 ~ "The Battle of Las Vegas" (Huey & F4 flyable)

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RED DAWN 2020 ~ "The Battle of Las Vegas" (Huey & F4 flyable)

RED DAWN 2020 ~ "The Battle of Las Vegas" (Huey & F4 flyable)

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 26.09.2017 11:39
Las Vegas ~ 2020

The United States, after one of the longest periods of prosperity and peace---is suffering a deep reccession and has internal problems both political and economic  Once regarded as the stalwort of International relations and trade---it has spent the previous 4 years under a militant and isolationist regime, virtually cutting ties with the U.N and NATO.

Most of its allies, have walked away from the tirades of it freshly re-elected President.  With few to none partners standing by its side...the once great US is ripe for the taking.

A long planned and partly completed border wall in the south has enraged not only its closest neighbor, Mexico---but much of South America as well.  Most trade has been halted and with borders and diplomatic relation shut down---it has been impossible for the US to detect the steady buildup of a massive invasion force.

Mexico, with help from several of the Americans most lethal rivals---has begun phase one of OPERATION: RED DAWN

A retired fighter jock from the USAF, you were hoping to move to the 'entertaining' comfines of Las Vegas and enjoy the good life.  You have been training on helo's--- there is good work in these parts for a skilled pilot---who can fly multiple frames. However you reminiss, and long for the days when you were over hositle territory shooting down the bad guys...

...It looks like you might be back in the saddle before you know it

"Holy shit Sir---the emergency mesage board is blowing the fuck up!  Something big is going down right now---we don't have time to waste---Nellis is under attack and sending out a distress call---ANY prior service pilots who can fly---are to report to Nellis ASAP!

We got the bird standing by---we also have a few 'add-ons' in case we run into any trouble---give 'em hell sir!"



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