INVASION JAPAN '45 ~ "Operation Tomahawk"

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P-51D Mustang
INVASION JAPAN '45 ~ "Operation Tomahawk"

INVASION JAPAN '45 ~ "Operation Tomahawk"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 23.09.2017 07:37

The war seemed all but won---minus the one dread that every American has been facing since the first bombs dropped on Pearl Harbor nearly 5 years ago...

The invasion of mainland Japan.

President Truman has taken the unexpected step and backed down from what many had believed he possessed---some kind of 'super-bomb'.  Apparently his conscience would not allow him to use something that had far more devastating potential than anything the world had ever seen.  That is of no relevance to us now however...we have a job to do.  We must finish this war that the Imperial Japanese nation started...Unconditional surrender is the only option

After several days of the bloodiest fighting in world history...a beachhead has been secured, an airbase operational and the invasion is moving inland.

3AD is taking the show south while 2AD is moving north.  You are currently tasked with supporting the southern attack.  An airbase has been nuetralized and we are attempting to secure it so that we may use it later.  It has massive defenses, AAA and hardened bunkers which prevented us from attacking it on Invasion Day.  But now Patton is rolling in hot to secure the site.  You will provide CAS for the attack and take out any targets of opportunity.  Enemy air threat has not been a far.

"Captain, welcome to hell!  We have our plate full that is for damn sure.  The Japs are dug in around the Sukhumi air field---we need to dig them out.  Patton is moving in faster than we can keep up...and we are the ones with the P-51's!

We need to get down there and take out all targets in the area---mostly AAA and bunkers---but you are cleared to hit anything that lines up in your crosshairs.

Once the area is cleared the 82nd will drop in and secure the base---that is the task boys---lets get rollin'---Patton is almost on top of that joint!"



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(Ships, Bunker, MG, Flak, M16, M45, Oil-Rig, Tents, Towers, H-LZ, Inverted Y LZ, Nato LZ)


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P-51D (Mustangs of the Pacific)
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