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The Chemist (an F-5E Mission) 1.0

The Chemist (an F-5E Mission) 1.0

Author - SEDLO
Date - 19.09.2017 04:17
Last night, acting on intelligence obtained from the raid in Alamo, members of the Cordovian Security Forces surrounded a house in Rachel, suspected of harbouring The Chemist and his bomb making factory. An intense firefight ensued, resulting in the deaths of several Cordovian soldiers.

It has been decided to utilize the Cordovian Air Force to support the operation against this bomb factory. Our mission will be to support the ground forces commander, call sign Blondegirl, in whatever they require.

****  This mission features a fictional yet realistic scenario that puts you into the cockpit of the F-5E to support a ground operation targeting a terrorist mastermind.  I've included a ton of custom voice overs, interesting objectives and unique triggered actions to try and bring to you a very realistic version of (relatively modern) air combat.  ****

In the twenty years since the Nevada Tsarist Territorial Republic (NTTR) broke up and split into the countries of Dreamland and Cordovia, peace in the region has been an elusive goal.  While democracy flourished in the West-leaning Cordovia, the Soviet-leaning Dreamland underwent a transition to a more dictatorial regime under the leadership of Prince Jessie.

In 1994, the Dreamland military annexed an area of the Jumbled Hills, including Freedom Ridge and Whitesides Mountain, and justified it by saying they needed a buffer between Dreamland Proper and the population of Cordovia.  This lead up to an epic legal battle that ended up all the way to a United Nations Security Council resolution imposing economic sanctions on Dreamland.

Despite the sanctions, Dreamland still controls the jumbled hills and Cordovia has all but given up on the idea of ever getting them back.
In the last few years, a number of terrorist attacks have occurred in Cordovia against police, military and government targets.   There is a large population of ethnic Dreamlanders who still reside in Cordovia, and some of them want the two countries re-united under the current regime of Prince Jessie.  Some of them are believed to be behind the attacks, and it’s believed that the government forces of Dreamland are giving them support, both monetary and militarily.

In the last six months, the terrorist bombs that have exploded in Cordovia have shown a remarkable increase in complexity, effectiveness and lethality.  The designer of these bombs, a man who calls himself “The Chemist”, has been increasingly outspoken, sending letters and photographs of his designs to newspapers all over the world, bragging about his success.  

The increased attacks, along with growing anti-Cordovian rethoric fr om the Dreamland government, has dramatically increased tensions in the area.  


The country of Dreamland consists airspaces R4808A, R4808B and R4808D, plus all airspace to the west of these.  Everything South and East of these areas is to be considered Cordovian.
You will find the map in the mission brief images or you can download the high resolution chart here:


Las Vegas, Cordovia

The Cordovian Military today announced they have captured members of Dreamland Special Forces during an anti-terror sweep of the northern town of Alamo.

The pre-dawn raids were carried out in response to a drastic increase in acts of terrorism against Cordovian police and government officials.  The latest attack occurred in the town of Ely, wh ere a powerful explosive device hidden in a duffel bag claimed the lives of 5 Cordovian police officers and 4 civilians.

Today the Cordovian president Todd Chavez, while denouncing the wave of terror that has gripped this desert land, accused the Dreamland government in Watertown of aiding and abetting the criminal terrorists:

“Ever since the succession, Dreamland has been actively trying to undermine our fragile democracy.  They’ve arrested our diplomats.  They annexed Freedom Ridge and Whitesides without a care.  And now they are murdering our police and military.  Today we call on the United Nations to put an end to Dreamlandian terror.”

In response, the Dreamland Foreign Secretary Sebastian St. Clair repeated his previous claims that no Dreamlandian military personnel were operating on Cordovian territory, and that ethnic Dreamlanders living in Cordovia are at risk.

“While the ethnic Dreamlander population inside Cordovia is continually under threat, it’s not unreasonable that our citizens might take it upon themselves to volunteer to help.  It’s in our nature to help fellow Dreamlanders, wherever in the world they are.”

Meanwhile, Cordovian investigators are pouring over the scene in Ely, hoping to find clues to help them stem the tide of violence that has washed over the area.   Forensics investigators could be seen removing items from the site today, and the work is expected to carry on during the night.

The bomb that exploded in Ely bears a resemblance to other devices developed by the infamous “Chemist”, a former Dreamland scientist rumoured to be working once again with Dreamland Special Forces.  The Chemist’s bomb making has been characterized as exceptionally well made, easily concealed and extremely effective.  This has put the Chemist at the number one spot on Interpol’s International Most Wanted List.



Waypoint 1    Dogbone Lake          020/20 off the CREECH TACAN (87x)
Waypoint 2    HWY 375/Tikaboo   350 Heading from Dogbone for 35 miles
Waypoint 3    Rachel/Target          Target marked by Smoke
Waypoint 4    Egress/HWY375
Waypoint 5    Dogbone Lake          020/20 off the CREECH TACAN (87x)
Waypoint 6    Creech AFB               CREECH TACAN (87X)


The target house and area may be defended by machine guns and / or MANPADS.  Use flares when operating over/near the target.
Dreamland Defense Forces are on a high state of readiness.  Do not cross over into Dreamland airspace!  
Dreamland Air Defenses include an SA-10 site at Waterdown Airbase (Groom Lake), along with multiple AAA sites situated around the border areas.   Dreamland EWR sites located West of Watertown can provide GCI services to both MiGs and SAMs – be aware.

Dreamland MiG-23 and MiG-21 aircraft are sitting alert at Watertown and are believed to be manned at ALERT 5 readiness.  These carry both radar and IR air to air missles.


It is critical NOT TO ENTER DREAMLAND AIRSPACE!  Tensions are high, and the last thing we need is a military confrontation.  That being said, we will not tolerate any incursion of any Dreamland military inside Cordovian territory.

On departure you will contact WIZARD, our military radar controller.  They will provide updates to you until you reach the target area.  Contact our ground forces commander BLONDEGIRL when prompted by WIZARD.  Follow BLONDEGIRL’s instructions.  Stay safe, and return to base as soon as you complete your mission.
If you do engage the target house in Rachel, it is advised to exit the area at low level by following Highway 375 south east until you get to the base of Tikaboo Mountain, then south to Dogbone Lake from there.  Watch out for any Dreamland military response.


This is a highly scripted mission, which requires you to do certain things to make it work.  These include:

1.    Using the Radio Menu / F10 option to request taxi, along with other things when prompted during the mission.  Failure to do so will break the mission completely.

2.    You do not need to manually tune/change radio frequencies during the mission.  This is scripted for you, and happens automatically.  Do turn your radio on and tuned to 228.9 MhZ in order to hear calls from your flights and/or Wizard.

3.    FOLLOW YOUR FLIGHT PLAN! Certain mission parameters rely on your being in certain areas at certain times.  From Creech fly to Dogbone Lake, then heading 350 until you get to HWY 375.  Follow that northwest to Rachel (you should see the smoke).

4.    If you have your wingman engage the target, you will find that they immediately RTB.  Stop this from happening by telling them to rejoin via the radio menu after / if they bomb the target.  I don’t know why this happens, but you’ll have to manually call them to rejoin yourself.

5.     If you'd like a higher resolution download of the mission map, click here:


If you enjoy the mission, please let me know!  I've spent literally countless hours working on it, and would appreciate any feedback.  If it's negative feedback, please be nice!  Leave a comment in the forums or message me directly.

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