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Su-33 Project T10M

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Texac
Date - 09/13/2017 19:56:49
This file consists of five different liveries which are based on the prototype and production variants of Project T10M.

Little information about Project T10M.
The purpose of this project was to build a Flanker aircraft with better air-to-surface capabilities and started in 1988 with the first prototype designated as the T10M-1 which received it's 701 board number.

Next to more advanced air-to-ground capabilities the Su-27M received enhanced ground target acquisition, identification systems and more with a completely new airframe.
Later on the aircraft came up on the global combat aircraft market. However the project canceled in 1996 due to minimal interest from the market.
Only three production variants of the Su-27M, redesignated as the Su-35, (including the 88 board number version) were built based on the ninth prototype.

Following the T10M project another experimental aircraft program came up in 1996 to test and improve maneuverability for the Flanker Family with TVC (Thrust Vector Control) engines. The eleventh prototype T10M-11 withdrawned from the Su-27M (Su-35) program and was later known as the the Su-37 Flanker-F but crashed in 2002.

The fully completed Su-37 Skin is also available for download here:

- addition of a weathered (710) livery
- minor adjustments and fixes to all aircraft
- changed all skin names
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