Kneeboard 1A-10C Checklist (VR-optimized) v1.01

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A-10C Warthog
Kneeboard 1A-10C Checklist (VR-optimized) v1.01

Kneeboard 1A-10C Checklist (VR-optimized) v1.01

Type - Document
Author - flyelmo
Date - 20.11.2017 05:13
This is a checklist based from the TO-A-10C-CL

This is a checklist based from the TO-A-10C-CL.

Some Users complaint about a corrupt zip file. After takieng a closer look I figured out that I used a beta version of Winrar, which causes the corrupt file. I used instead 7zip for now.
A little feedback would be appreciated :)

Extract this inside of "C:\Users\"your name"\Saved Games\DCS".

Check if the file is in the "C:\Users\"your name"\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\"plane type" folder.

You will find the checklist on your DCS Kneeboard. If you have more than one DCS version, repeat the step above to each version.

Good luck and happy landing! :)

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