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DCS: World 2.0


Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 11.09.2017 12:14
The year...1989

Somewhere in a desert region...

Global terrorism has reached a level unprecedented in modern history.  And the resources to fight the Caliphate have dwindled as well as puiblic support for such a cuase.

Enter "The Firm" ---  A Black Ops, joint venture with several manufacturers of the most advanced and deadliest aircraft the world has ever seen.  

The new nation of JIHADISTAN has been formed and has backing fr om "unknown" sources.  They have a powerful arsenal and can inflict suffereing on every surrounding territory in this region.  That is wh ere you come in...and SKYFOX!

The Firm is not loyal to any country---it works for profit and who ever has the most money is the side that we fight on.  The US and its allies in the region need some air support taking out terror cells...and for the right price---we are more than happy to help.

>>>You are Commander Jake "Snake" Jackson III---A decorated war veteran from the US Air Force.  After being discharged from the USAF for 'diagreeable' behavior unbecomming of an officer---you found a new home in "The Firm" as a test pilot and ultimately a fighter jock.

Now you are back in the desert as a merc doing the dirty work of the highest bidder---which for the moment appears to be those fighting terrorism...but in this New World Order, things can change fast.

Your crew chief is longtime friend Cal Zamboni---he has been with you since the beginning and might be the only person you can fully trust in this new and dangerous world of black ops and espionage.>>>

"Wow, Jake---well look at this baby!---the prototype jet of the future.  Rumor has it they have only built 2 of these things!

It seems like we are up against the world---and me might be!  But, we have SKYFOX and there isn't a plane in the world that will be a match for her.

What we know so far is that the J'STANS are perfroming patrols trhough the desert regions trying to find any last remnants of rebellion and crush them.  Its time somebody punched this bully right in the mouth!

Let's have a looksy---what do you say?

Follow way points and stand by on our secure radio channel

Good Luck!"

MODS and MODULES needed:

"Wolf" Mod
SA342M Weapons Mod



As always---thanks so much to the modders who do all the hard work for us. Have fun!
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