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DCS: World 2.0
PROJECT SKYFOX ~ "Jailbreak"

PROJECT SKYFOX ~ "Jailbreak"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 06.09.2017 08:28
You have been framed...

A pawn of The FIrm in a much larger game of corruption and deceipt.

...and that does not sit well with "The Snake"

The civilian plane you were ordered to shoot down was carrying a group of diplomats that were trying to negotiate a peace settlement in the region---and peace is bad for business.  The Firm staged the attack and is using the stealth capabilities of your jet to suggest that it was a terrorist attack---planned by YOU an enemy agent.

You have been convicted of war crimes and are scheduled to be executed in the morning...lucky for you, your true friends have no intention of letting that happen.

"Snake!  We got to get you out of here buddy---You know your old pal Cal is not going to let them do this to you...we have a group of your most loyal supporters behiind you---we all know what really happened up there---

We have a chopper all warmed up for you---and a couple of us will fly gunner for you.  There is only one thing we can do now---steal SKYFOX!!!

Once we have it we can take it to a secret location we have built for you and we will use the plane to fight The Firm and bring the truth to the world---The Firm is playing both sides of this war---the people in this country just want peace---but that's not what the boys in black are interested in.

Your pal RECO is with us---he will lead the charge on the base---lets go get that bird!"

MODS and MODULES needed:


"Wolf" Mod
SA342M Weapons Mod


As always---thanks so much to the modders who do all the hard work for us. Have fun!
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