OVERLORD '44 ~ "The Enigma Stigma"

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DCS: World 2.0
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OVERLORD '44 ~ "The Enigma Stigma"

OVERLORD '44 ~ "The Enigma Stigma"

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 02.09.2017 01:23
This is a FICTIONAL mission from a campaign I am currently working on.  Enjoy!

By a stroke of amazing luck and bravery...the war has taken an interesting turn.  A U-Boat has been disabled off the coast and we have just enough time to get a piece of invaluable hardware.

The U-boat had been forced to surface after depth charging, the crew had abandoned ship believing that the U-boat was already sinking. The surviving crew were rescued and quickly taken below decks so that they would not be aware that the boat was to be boarded. The commander of the boat Lemp died, possibly shot as he attempted to swim back to the boat to sink her.

"One of our destroyers has disabled a German U-Boat---this is a perfect chance for us to get our hands on the coveted Enigma machine.

The Germans are aware she is in trouble and will no doubt attempt to attack our ship, even though they are unaware that we will have the code machine---get out there and cover the assault---we need that Enigma at all costs!"

MODS and MODULES needed:

WWII Assets Pack

USS Walker
HMS Hood
German U-boat (Type VII)
PBY Catalina
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