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M-2000C Quick Checklist. (Update 4.2)

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Uploaded by - Sydy
Date - 08/13/2017 20:16:13
Welcome to the Quick Checklist Series. (Update 4.2)
Update 4.2 (RWR Codes updated)
Update 4.1 (Synthetic Rwy setup procedure and some minor stetics)
Update 4.0 (Detot and Performance tables included)
Update 3.1 (Green Radio std, DECOL msg reset and cosmetics)
Update 3.0 (New INS Alignment, New RWR Table, typos and better colors)

Welcome to the Quick Checklist series.

This is a checklist far from the real one, but that will get you flying quick and safely. Use at your discretion.

Extract this inside of "C:\Users\"your name"\Saved Games\DCS".

Check if the file is in the "C:\Users\"your name"\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\M-2000C" folder.

You will find the checklist on your DCS Kneeboard. If you have more than one DCS version, repeat the step above to each version.

For the Synthetic Rwy setup procedure, I'd like to recommend the "M-2000 ILS data for PCN input" by jojo57, available on the User Files Download link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316429/

Good luck and fly safe!
Bem-vindo à Série de Checklists Rápidos.

Esse Checklist está longe do real, mas irá fazer voar rapidamente e de forma segura. Use a seu critério.

Extraia o arquivo dentro de "C:\Users\"seu nome"\Saved Games\DCS".

Cheque se o arquivos está na pasta "C:\Users\"seu nome"\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\M-2000C".

Você achará a lista de cheque na sua Prancheta do DCS (Kneeboard). Se você tem mais de uma versão do DCS, repita o passo acima para cada versão.

Para o procedimento de setagem da Pista Sintética, eu gostaria de recomentar o "M-2000 ILS data for PCN input" por jojo57, disponível no link ra User Files Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316429/

Boa sorte e voe seguro!
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