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Russian Mi-8 Livery Pack

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - AdbluePrince
Date - 08/10/2017 20:55:00
Several Russian/Soviet Air Force liveries for the Mi-8MTV-2 for both unarmed and armed operations

I decided to condense my Mi-8 Liveries into packs because I made so many in the past. This is all the Russian MI-8 Liveries I've made + a new one "Братишка" a helicopter flown during the Chechen wars by Hero of Russia, Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Palagin in the 487th separate helicopter regiment.

Livery pack includes

226th OSAP - Mi-8MT at Kubinka AB, VIP transport Helicopter (Please remove Hard points to use Livery correctly)
Братишка - MI-8MTV-2 flown in the Caucasus by Colonel Sergei Palagin (Please remove Exhaust suppressors to use livery correctly)
VV Chechen War - Snow Camouflaged MI-8MTV-2 flown by the Russian Internal troops during the Chechen Wars (Additional Armour required for livery to look correct)
separate 262nd Bagram helicopter squadron - In January 1989 it had 34 White stars (one star = 50 combat sorties) It has the squadron insignia 'Spades Dragon' painted on the right armour plate. Mi-8MTV-2 extensively used during the Soviet - Afghan War  (Additional Armour required for livery to look correct)

Install to : DCS World\DCS World 2\Bazar\Liveries
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