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DCS: World 2.0
CONSTANT PEG - MiG-21 Edition

CONSTANT PEG - MiG-21 Edition

Author - SEDLO
Date - 06.08.2017 06:13
Today, the 4477th TES and CONSTANT PEG are tasked as REDFOR for a Test and Evaluation Exercise with the 16th Weapons Squadron and 433rd Weapons Squadron flying out of Nellis.

The BLUEFOR objective will be a large scale, simulated strike on a hostile airfield complex by two B-1Bs with a high speed, low level delivery. They will have CAP, SEAD and AWACS support.
REDFOR will feature F-5E and F-16 Aggressors and us, flying a two ship of MiG-23 and a single ship MiG-21 out of Tonopah (Silverbow).

Our mission today is to deny the airspace to BLUEFOR and prevent the bombers from reaching their target.

I've created a bunch of custom voice overs and mission triggers to make this as both realistic as possible, as well as fun and exciting!  I hope you enjoy it!  

Please feel free to leave me some feedback!


Our mission today is to deny the airspace to BLUEFOR and prevent the bombers from reaching their target.

CALLSIGN                ROLE       TYPE

COLT 11                   CAP         MIG-21 X 1
SPRINGFIELD 11      CAP         MIG-23 X 2
DODGE 11               CAP         F-16C X 4
DODGE 21               CAP         F-5E X 2
WIZARD                  AWACS    E-3C X 1


COLT 11 will depart Tonopah (SILVERBOW) and turn left to a heading of 215 for 20 miles, direct to the Marshall point at Stonewall Mountain (TELESCOPE).  Marshall over TELESCOPE until 16:20 when the entire REDFOR will push East, heading 100 for 40 miles, towards the target area and intercept/destroy any BLUEFOR forces they encounter.  

If killed, REDFOR DODGE 11 and DODGE 21 will regenerate back over TELESCOPE and rejoin the fight.  

As COLT 11 (MiG-21) is somewhat limited in terms of BVR capability, it’s recommended they should push east a few minutes after the more capable fighters to try and mop up any survivors of the BVR missile shoot.

BINGO fuel for COLT 11 is 1000kg.

Note that the BLUEFOR F-16s are grey, while REDFOR Aggressor F-16s feature a brown/green paint scheme.  If it’s grey, shoot it!



This mission relies on a series of custom scripts and voiceovers.  To ensure the mission works as written, you must follow the few conditions listed below

1.    You MUST request taxi via the radio command F10 function in order to start the custom scripts.  You do not have to switch your actual radio channel in the aircraft to play this mission, but you must use the above radio/F10 function for initiate taxi.  Takeoff clearance will happen automatically.

2.    You MUST call WIZARD via the radio/F10 function on departure when cleared from TOWER frequency.  This is a trigger function which will enable the AWACS to spawn.  AWACS will begin giving radar information to you AFTER 16:20.

3.    You MUST check out with Wizard when you want to return to SILVERBOW via the radio/F10 function.

4.    You MUST contact TOWER via the radio/F10 option when cleared off frequency by WIZARD.

5.    DO NOT ENTER R4808A! Entering the CONTAINER will result in a mission failure.  

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