DCS SA342 Gazelle TM Warthog Graphical Layout

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SA342 Gazelle

DCS SA342 Gazelle TM Warthog Graphical Layout

Uploaded by - Zev
Date - 07/27/2017 17:01:19
Free to download graphical layout for the use of the SA342 Gazelle with the Thrustmaster warthog flight stick and collective.

There will be revised versions available in the future (see notes*) and editable word version is available upon request.


*This is the first version of this layout, it has been minimally tested and works for the development build of the SA342 Gazelle module (27/07/17), therefore the layout is subject to change and I will subsequently release new versions if necessary. Feel free to alter and redistribute this profile at your leisure.

Advise high familiarity with other DCS helicopter modules (at least the UH-1H Huey) before approaching the DCS Gazelle module as it is [in my opinion] the most difficult helicopter to use effectively that is currently implemented into DCS World.

Advise using a Thrustmaster T.A.R.G.E.T profile that includes stick and pedals only so that all switches on the collective (throttle) remain stock

Strongly advise use of a 15cm+ stick extension for the warthog stick when flying the SA342 Gazelle due to its size and attributes, as well as a strengthened spring to compensate (Sahaj sell these). If this option is unavailable, advise using a custom response curve in T.A.R.G.E.T software to provide similar effect.

Add lever (BTN_4) to modifiers list and use for shifted layer.

Advise Binding all NADIR commands to keyboard NumPad (if available) and surrounding keys.

Pinky switch commands require to be held unlike Huey module.

Bind slew axis on collective/throttle to camera slew.

Buttons and switches have been recreated to model realistic stick layouts as accurately as possible - however, the disparity between the pilot and copilot controls on the Gazelle means that the copilot controls are located mostly on the collective/throttle as not to sacrifice effectiveness for realism. Unfortunately, this is simply a limitation of the software until true multicrew is implemented (or potentially indefinitely).

For use without a TrackIR module, advise binding 'clickable cockpit on/off' and 'center view' commands to mouse buttons (if available)

Thanks to Polaris and SchniX for providing the blank flight stick and collective layouts as well as common controls https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1292863/
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