BURMA '44 ~ "The Black Knights"

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BURMA '44 ~ "The Black Knights"

BURMA '44 ~ "The Black Knights"

Type - Campaign
Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 05.08.2017 10:51
Burma ~ 1944

In 1943, Hitler is assisinated.

After several military blunders and a ruthless intolerance to strategic sobriety---his highest and most trusted General's turned on him.

Field Marshall Rommel was unanimously elected as Fuhrer for the remainder of the war.  Shortly after Rommel was in power--the Russian's were driven back and ultimately defeated.  With Germany able to concentrate its full might on the Western fonrt---any hope the Allies had of an invasion were crushed.

The Atlantic wall holds strong---and now ther is a new mission for the Eastern Army.

Japan has not fared as well as The Reich---after their humiliating defeat at Midway they have been pushed back, nearly to the point before the war with the US began.

The Luftwaffe has set up bases in Burma and is now fully prepared to assist in the defense of conquered territories.  The US, RAF and RAAF are worthy opponents and have established a beach head---with intentions of moving inland...we are here to make sure that does not happen.

For the Fatherland----Good Luck!

MODS and MODULES needed:

STARWAY: Green Thunder map (recommended)  

WWII Assets Pack

USS Walker
German U-Boa (Type VII)
Mistubishi Betty Bomber
KMS Bismark
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