USNF '80 ~ "The Long War" (F-14A)

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DCS: World 1.5
USNF '80 ~ "The Long War" (F-14A)

USNF '80 ~ "The Long War" (F-14A)

Type - Campaign
Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 29.06.2017 09:52
The year ~ 1980

Ronald Reagan has just become President.  And he has vowed to end this war, with total victory for the US and the AVRN.

You are Commander  Joey "MadDog" Francis --  A battle hardened Veteran of this long bloody Viet Nam War.

"Well, Commander---you have come a long way since this war began for you.  The war has dragged on for over a decade---becoming basically a proxy war between the superpowers of the world.

Much of the early territory gained by the ARVN has been lost over time---we need to redouble our effeorts in an attempt to take the country back and put it in Democratic hands.

But with a long war---comes early advances in technology---of which now benefits you directly.  You are transferring to the Navy's premier jet interceptor the F-14 "Tomcat"

She is a deadly bird and employs a lethal long range AIM-54 Phoenix missile.  I am sure you will find this weapon to be more than useful in your air sorties.

You will need some Mods to play----


VSN F-14 (VSN_F14A)

VSN Tornado GR4

STARWAY - Green Thunder (Not required but it makes these mission WAY cooler!)

Fleet Oilers -

USS Spruance -

3Ship Arleigh Burke Class

Mig 23-98 Variant

Mistral Class Helo Carrier

Alligator 1171 Class Saratov Helipad Version
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